The Top Five Clint Eastwood Fighting Scenes in Movies

We’ve all known for a long time that Clint Eastwood means business when he gets right down to it. He might be an old man at this point but back when he was younger he was able to bang with the best of them and come out pretty well. Even as he got older he was still able to throw a decent punch and make it look good. This day he’s seen to be behind the camera more than anything but back in the day he was the man, and he was just flat out tough. His fight scenes didn’t get that technical or flashy as you’ll see with most people today, but they were still pretty impressive considering that he would take down guys bigger and stronger than himself with relative ease. I know, I know, movie magic and all that, but just looking at him grimace at people seems like it would take the wind out of anyone’s sails for a moment.

The snarl alone was something that made a lot of people nervous.

5. Every Which Way But Loose

Philo Beddoe is kind of a romantic, just as much he is a rough and tumble type as well. He’s a truck driver, a fighter, and he’d be a lover if the woman he was after didn’t rebuff him in one of the most callous ways possible. At the end of the film though he decides that he’d rather not be likened to some old, broken-down legend that only made a reputation of being the guy that others would seek to replace.

4. Heartbreak Ridge

Highway is the kind of guy you simply do not pick a fight with unless you’re that bad and understand what kind of a grizzled old dog you’ll be facing. He’s the kind of person that’s seen it all and possibly done it all simply because it was there for the experience. Considering the fact that it obviously didn’t kill him one would only be able to assume that he’d grown tough and didn’t care about pain.

3. The Outlaw Josey Wales

It’s all about revenge on this one. The Red Legs killed his family and burned his home, and Josey has been out for revenge ever since. He managed to meet some interesting individuals along the way and help a few people out, but when the time came to take his vengeance he didn’t balk at it. He went right after the man responsible and handled his business.

2. Pale Rider

It’s not often that you get to see Clint Eastwood fight with something aside from a gun or his fists. A good old-fashioned piece of hickory does wonders when it’s applied in the right way. I can just imagine that getting socked a few times with one of those solid-looking ax handles wouldn’t feel too good, and since Tylenol wasn’t a thing back then these guys would be feeling every bit of this for the next few days.

1. Escape from Alcatraz

About the only reason this made the list is because it’s an important one to think about. If anyone ever tries you in jail or prison the important thing to do isn’t tell a guard or make alliances. It’s to show that you’re not going to punk out and bow down. Some guy rushes at you or even suggests doing something you might not like, you’d better stand up and show him what for or risk taking something you really don’t want.

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