“Scarface” (1983): 5 Classic Tony Montana Lines from the Movie

“Scarface” (1983): 5 Classic Tony Montana Lines from the Movie
Sosa and Tony

credit: Scarface

Scarface (1983), undoubtedly, has become one of the best American crime movies ever produced. The movie was a perfect blend between the 1929 Scarface novel and its original film Scarface (1932).

Although not immediately accepted by all, Scarface became a reference point for cult films. At first, most critics saw it as a glorification of the crime and drug world, but on closer look, there are lots of life lessons that can be learned from it.

The movie had one of Hollywood’s greatest as its lead, Al Pacino, playing Tony Montana. The film’s story follows the life of Tony, coming to America on a boat lift. As a Cuban refugee, Tony Montana vows to make a life for himself in America. Although he eventually achieves his dream, he does so as a drug lord but pays the highest price with his life when pride sets in.

The film is as popular as some of its quotes, which have remained evergreen through the years. Using some of the movie’s quotes to recap the movie, here are some of its best and most popular quotes.

1. “All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don’t break ’em for no one!”

After Tony proves himself to Miami drug lord Frank Lopez, Frank sends him to Bolivia to meet with cocaine kingpin Alejandro Sosa. Frank goes along with Frank’s right-hand man, Omar Suarez. Tony decides to take charge of the negotiation to cut a larger deal. Omar is pissed at Tony for changing the deal without first contacting Frank.

Sosa kills Omar by telling his men to hang him from a helicopter. Sosa proceeds to inform Tony that Omar has been a police informant all this time. Sosa begins to doubt Frank’s credibility as a drug lord.

To ensure Sosa stays on the deal, Tony vouches for Frank and his business and drops the quote. As a result, Sosa agrees to the deal and is particularly impressed by Tony.

2. “Okay, here’s the story. I come from the gutter. I know that. I got no education, but that’s okay. I know the street, and I’m making all the right connections. With the right woman, there’s no stopping me. I could go right to the top.”

Tony Montana openly tells Elvira that he wants her to be the mother of his kids. Elvira looks at him like someone with a death wish. He drops the quote to let her know how he started and how far he’s willing to let himself rise to the top. It is one of the movie’s best and most popular quotes.

Tony Montana may not be a good role model by many standards, but he sure is one determined fellow. He had a vision, understood the cards life handed him, and made the best out of life.

“Scarface” (1983): 5 Classic Tony Montana Lines from the Movie

credit: Scarface

3. “Every dog has his day.”

Tony is smart enough to know that Frank Lopez is not pleased with how things went in Bolivia. First, he lost his right-hand man, Omar. Then, Tony has grown some balls to make decisions on his behalf and run independent operations.

Frank Lopez sent hitmen to try to take Tony Montana out. Tony is shot but lives to fight another day. Tony is certain Frank Lopez and his dirty police detective, Mel Bernstein, have a hand in it. Tony, his best friend Manny, and loyal gang members accost Frank and Bernstein.

Understanding he has been outplayed by Tony, Frank begs for his life. He goes ahead to kiss Tony’s shoes. Manny shoots and kills Frank Lopez before killing Bernstein. With both dead, Tony makes the quote to spite the pitiful end of Frank Lopez’s drug lord days. Tony Montana is the new drug lord of Miami.

4. “…The world, chico, and everything in it.”

It’s hard not to acknowledge how far Tony has risen since his days as a Cuban refugee in a refugee camp. However, Tony soon begins to let pride and arrogance make him feel invincible. Tony may be on top of his game but still wants more.

As they take a drive together, he tells Manny he wants all that’s coming to him. Manny acts to clarify what next he could possibly want. Tony drops the classic quote. Tony is obsessed with success, and there’s no end to this thirst for it.

“Scarface” (1983): 5 Classic Tony Montana Lines from the Movie

credit: Scarface

5. “…Say hello to my little friend!”

If you’re unfamiliar with this line, you probably never watched the movie. Tony is surrounded by Sosa’s men and is shot by his sister, Gina, as revenge for killing her husband, Manny. A wounded Tony wields a grenade launcher-equipped gun, makes the quote, and proceeds to unless mayhem on the invading Sosa’s men.

Although he kills as many as he can locate, The Skull shoots Tony in the back. Tony falls off his balcony into his swimming pool.

Indeed, every dog has his day.

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