The Top Five Christian Bale Yelling Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Christian Bale Yelling Scenes in Movies

And welcome back to the YELLING game! Tonight’s contestant Christian Bale is the kind of man that seems to yell in great bursts that come out of nowhere and throw you for a loop and leave you expecting more even as he starts talking in a normal voice once again. Or his yells are wordless cries that are meaningful but don’t seem to need any further vocalization. His is an angry yell, one that’s filled with something dark, dangerous, and in some cases almost utterly defiant as he tries to back his opponents off or make his point be heard through the raised volume of his voice. It might not always work since he does happen to star in movies where his voice is more a product of the background than it’s own true sound, but in the cases that it does work and he gets his point across he almost comes off as a very angry man.

So, let’s get started shall we?

5. American Psycho

There’s no nice way to say this so I’ll just say it: Bateman is a freak with a capital ‘F’. The scene you see here is the culmination of a moment spent with two prostitutes in which he kills one of them in bed and then has to chase after another one of them with a chainsaw on full tilt. He then drop the chainsaw down the stairwell, somehow timing it just right so it hits the fleeing woman. And to top it off, just hit PLAY.

4. Reign of Fire

I know I’ve seen this movie a dozen time but tell me why Creedy was going back up the stairs again? And tossing him a fire extinguisher when there was a fire-breathing DRAGON perched on top of the castle seems about as good as bringing a squirt gun to a house fire. It’s not just the death of his friend that get him though, it’s the intense heat that’s coming off the iron door that slams shut just before the dragonbreath kills them all as well.

3. Terminator: Salvation

If you’ve been fighting these machines since Judgment Day I’d say you have every right to be a little grizzly about it. Plus, if the thing just won’t quit coming after you no matter how many times you shoot the dang thing then you might get a little hot under the collar as well. But for as much flack as this movie got, at least it explained where John Connor in the beginning of T2 got his scars from.

2. The Fighter

Dick Ecklund just about tore his little brother’s life apart trying to get his fantasized rematch with Sugar Ray Leonard. But near the end of the movie he finally realized that he had to start being in Mickey’s corner for once, rather than always trying to prove that he could in fact hang with one of the best in the entire sport of boxing. He was finally a big brother.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Every yell seems geared to pump him up in this very one-sided fight. Bane knows what’s coming, he knows what to anticipate, and he knows that Batman will not walk out of this fight. Why he left him alive in the comics and thereby the movie is anyone’s guess. Only the writers could tell us that, and I’m pretty sure it’s because Batman isn’t allowed to die until he can’t make any more money for the studio.

He’s mid-tier when it comes to yelling, but Christian Bale is still worth the effort.

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