The Top 20 American Horror Story Moments of All-Time

The Top 20 American Horror Story Moments of All-Time

The Top 20 American Horror Story Moments of All-Time

Every new season of “American Horror Story” tells a new tale and new characters are added with a variety of plot twists and just enough changes to make it even more interesting than the last year’s offerings. These are a few of the aspects of the series that makes it such a big hit with viewers. You can count on the fact that there is going to be some terrifying scenes that include blood, occasionally gore, and some messed up circumstances that leave you feeling truly disturbed at the end. What can we say? Americans need a weekly dose of terror or we just don’t feel right. We’ve been acclimated to the horror genre and it’s a habit that carries with it a tendency towards addiction. We’ve put together a compilation of the top twenty “American Horror Story” moments of all time for your entertainment, and if not enjoyment, perhaps a good fix to soothe the cravings.

1. Lana escapes Oliver’s basement

Zachary Quinto offers Lana a few different options for being killed. He attempts to explain to her that he doesn’t want to frighten her, and she could have her throat cut or strangle her because he doesn’t “believe in guns.” This is one of the most messed up scenes because he just tells her that he’s going to murder her, and then comes at her with a syringe and tells her he’s going to put her out and she won’t feel a thing. Just before he sinks the needle, she grabs an object and bashes him in the head. The two struggle violently and Lana wraps a chain around his neck, strangling him partly and securing him to the floor so she can make her escape from the basement.

2. Violet finds out she’s dead

Violet is frantically running in and out of the house. She tells Tate that she doesn’t want to die and he replies that it’s too late for that now. He calms her down and gently tells her that he has something to show her. After she’s seen it she can go anywhere that she wants to. She follows him into the dark crawlspace of the attic. He’s carrying a flashlight. Violet is frightened but she keeps following. He makes her close her eyes and tells her that he loves her and that everything is going to be alright. When they arrive at the spot where her body is lying, he has her open them. Tate shows Violet her corpse so she will know that she is dead.

3. Lana escapes Briarcliff

Kit Walker helps Lana escape from Briarcliff. The nun ensures that she has all of the information that she is going to need for a complete expose on the place. She counsels Lana to bring the place down, but to hurry. A split scene shows Kit and Oliver arguing about the tape that will bring justice to Briarcliff and prove that Oliver truly is bloody face. The most memorable part of this scene is where the Nun puts Lana in a cab and Oliver walks out to see her leaving. She shows him the tape and gives him the finger, then drives off to start the process of serving him what he has coming.

4. Lana kills Oliver Threadson

This is the scene that viewers were so happy to watch. Oliver is a nasty creep that just happens to be crazy as a bedbug. Many have suffered at his will and he’s the master of fear, but now it’s his turn. He tells Lana that she won’t kill him and neither will the cops because he is “clearly insane.” Well, it appears that Oliver was sadly mistaken this time. With the sirens blaring in the background, he reaches for a handgun and just before he picks it up, Lana shoots him in the back of the head.

5. School shooting scene

Tate’s mother Constance opens the door as the SWAT team comes looking for him. It immediately moves to the scene where Tate shoots up the school. This is one of the more messed up scenes that shows a group of students hiding in the library as he strolls down the aisles whistling, until he reaches the goth girl and shoots her in the head. Each of the trapped students has to just wait their turn until he gets around to them and viciously murders each. He doesn’t let anyone who begs for their lives survive and the suspense in between each shooting is horrible for viewers.

6. Tate shot by the cops

In the episode Piggy Piggy, the cops enter Constance’s home, The Murder House and go into Tate’s bedroom. You can hear Constance in the background begging them not to shoot him, exclaiming that “he’s just a child.” The SWAT team has him surrounded with lasers focused in the area of his heart. He motions to them to shoot him in the head on several occasions before the dramatic conclusion when he reaches for a gun and they open fire, shooting him multiple times. As Tate lies there choking for a few moments, a cop leans over and asks, “why’d ya do it kid?” but he already died before he could answer.

7. Final scene from Birth

In this scene, Violet interrogates Tate because she realizes that he is a killer. She confronts him because he raped her mother who became pregnant. Her mom died because of the pregnancy and Violet is angry because her father is just sitting there very alone. She accuses Tate of killing the kids on Halloween. She asks him why he did all of the terrible things. She told him she thought that he was like her, attracted to the darkness, but it turns out that he “is” the darkness. Violet tells him that she loves him but cannot forgive him. Tate tells her that things were different with him before he met her and that he has changed, but she tells him to go away, which means that he is obliged to do so. The scene gets ugly when Tate absolutely loses it, yelling NO and exclaiming that Violet is all that he has. Once Tate is gone, Violet begins to cry. The ghost of her mother consoles her and tells her how brave she is.

8. American Horror Story Freak Show – Esmeralda gives dandy his fortune

Maggie Esmeralda played by Emma Roberts is talking to Dandy Mott played by Finn Whitrock. She says that Dandy’s voice sounds familiar like she could almost place it, but upon looking into her crystal ball, she sees the past where Dandy kills the Avon lady. He cuts off her head and attaches it to the neck of his mother who he had previously shot in the head. The seer tells him that he can rest easy because the ball is clear and his previous indiscretion has been forgiven. She lies because she is afraid, but he believes her and pays her, telling her that it would be a “shame if her talents went to waste.”

9. Maggie Esmeralda’s Death

Neil Patrick Harris guest stars in this moment as Chester the magician. He asks who wants to help him perform a trick. Bette and Dot refuse to help. When Maggie says that she can help because she knows the trick. When Maggie lays down, Chester envisions his ex poking fun about his skills as a magician. This is one of the goriest scenes in the history of the show as he brings the saw down and cuts Maggie Esmeralda in half. The scene is filled with images of internal organs spilling forth and Maggie Esmeralda screaming as he saws her in half. The most bizzare part of the scene is that he says he can put her back together.

10. The Name Game

Lana asks sister Jude if she knows her name. Jude looks through the music on the juke box and chooses “The Name Game.” Suddenly she is dressed very loudly and she begins to sing and dance. She starts off singing Lana’s name and then she explains how to do the song. After a bit of dancing, Kit is seen leaning against the wall with a very confused look on his face. He’s the only real sane one there. Jude begins to sing using his name and everyone goes back to dancing, Kit included. The record finishes and it goes back to real time. Lana asks the question once again and the weird scene ends.

11. Mr. James March death-American Horror Story Hotel

This is another dandy scene that shows how James March kicks the bucket. It’s pretty graphic, so if you’re squeamish, perhaps you should close your eyes. It’s not just a typical death scene though. We see James slit his own throat because the cops have been called and they know that he’s a murderer. The maid is the one that alerted the police, but we don’t find that out until later on. The blood really gushes out of the disgusting slash that shows the inside tissue of his neck. Before he does himself in, he shoots the maid dead because she wants to be his last victim.

12. Evan Peters’ Edward “They Judge Us” Scene

Edward experienced what would today be diagnosed as severe anxiety. Back in his era, they didn’t know what it was, merely that there was something terribly wrong with him. Edward left his wife and heir to be with his gay lover. He was at his Carolina castle with his slave lover Guinness. Edward had a strange obsession with art. Upon being in the bathtub with Guinness, where the G man is trying to get frisky, Edward stops and says, “they judge us,” meaning everybody but the art. He says he envies the art because it does not know the pain of three dimensional men. He admits that he loves the paintings more than Guinness. Guinness seems angry by this fact. Later on that night, Edward discovers his art has been tampered with and destroyed. In a fit of rage, he blames it on everybody. Once outside, he puts slaves and workers down in a hole where he says they will stay. Guinness tries to comfort him but Edward flips out.

13. Tate Langdon Therapy Session

Here is that famous song that Tate would later whistle as he is wiping out a few students at the school to start the scene. Upon Ben’s first session with Tate, Tate reveals that he feels the need to engage in the noble war. In his mind, the noble war is curing the world of all of its ailments. He says that he kills the people that he loves. Upon further explanation, Ben learns that Constance, Tate’s mother, is a hussy. Tate is later explaining how he feels the need to help people out of this filthy world and that is his rationale for killing.

14. Basement scene

A girl from school has been bullying Violet. Tate tells her that he will scare her so she stops being mean to Violet. He comes up with a grand scheme to “sell” her coke. Once she finally gets to the Murder House, Violet leads her down to the basement where Tate is waiting. While Tate waits, Violet explains to her how she gets a hold of the cocaine. Tate calls her a “coke wh**e.” Tate then begins to scare her and somehow, infantata manages to scratch her face. While she is being scratched, Violet tells Tate to stop but he claims it isn’t him that is doing the scratching. He explains that she got away by kicking him in the groin and running away. Tate says, “she won’t be bothering you anymore.”

15. Smoldering Children opening scene

Constance is serving a meal and asking who wants to say grace. Tate offers to do it. His prayer is a continual slam against his mother and he makes it as profane as possible. In one regard, it is somewhat humorous, but as Tate ends the prayer, things heat up and it turns fairly dark.

16. The Burning of Myrtle Snow

The scene opens with Myrtle telling Fiona, “go ahead, burn me.” The scene cuts to the young witches of the coven walking through gravel to get to the location where they will put Myrtle to flame. Zoe and Queenie talk on the way and Zoe doesn’t actually believe that they will burn her. Myrtle is tied to the wooden stake and she is doused in gasoline. Fiona asks if she has any last words to which she replies that “they are all just little toads in a pot that Fiona is slowly bringing to a boil and they don’t even feel it.” Fiona then throws her cigarette at Myrtle’s feet and she explodes in a flame.

17. Dandy’s Death

Desiree asks why they cannot torture Dandy, to which Jimmy replies, “it has to be theatrical.” Dandy is placed in Houdini’s tank where he has the choice of living by escaping, and proving that he is a true freak, or drowning. Jimmy says a few words to Dandy and all of the other freaks begin to speak among themselves. One of the Siamese twins exclaims that she hates Dandy and he is visibly hurt by her words because he loves her. They begin to fill the tank with water as Dandy screams. The freaks sit down as if they were watching a freak show and watch him try to escape. Once his head is covered they begin to laugh. He drowns, then Jimmy has a few words but keeps them to himself. The freaks believe they have achieved a type of justice for those they have lost.

18. Coven dinner scene

The scene begins with Madison poking fun at Fiona’s loyal servant Spalding. The others join in. Queenie then tells Madison not to be such a bit**. They ask Zoe what she’s in for. She tells them that she has problems with her genitals and then the scene cuts back to Madison who tells them her story. Queenie then shares her story and Madison insults her. Queenie stabs herself with a fork and Madison screams because she is the victim of “The living voodoo doll.”

19. Madison Flips the Frat Bus

Madison who has previously been gang raped by a group of frat boys is laying in the bed lethargic. Kyle and Zoe goes to Madison while Kyle chases the frat boys back to their bus. Madison and Zoe leave after the bus and Madison uses her telekenesis to flip the bus.

20. Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson

The couple stand at the altar when Rory begins to crack jokes about how hot she is…”hot like the sun.” It was revealed that they fell in love while filming “My Roanoke Nightmare.” Now that they are on the reality television show, she screams as something is watching her take a shower. Rory runs upstairs and finds it. While upstairs, Rory goes into the room looking in closets, but not finding anything. After a lot of searching and yelling at the unknown fiend, the ghosts of the Asians stab Rory and slit his throat. He never returns downstairs.

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