Todd Gurley Severely Breaks a Guy’s Ankles Playing Hoops at Local Gym

Todd Gurley Severely Breaks a Guy’s Ankles Playing Hoops at Local Gym

You may think you’re a pretty athletic person. You might reminisce about the days you played sports in high school or the times you dominated your fellow friends and peers at the local YMCA. But there’s always that one time when a real athlete would walk into the gym and severely put you in your place.  It’s happened to all of us.  You think you’re the best one at the gym and all of a sudden a pro shows up and shows you what being athletic really is.

As grown men we understand just how good these guys are at sports but little do we see it in our own lives, compared to people with our own talent level.   Most times it’s like watching a video game.  So when I saw this video of NFL player Todd Gurley schooling some guy in basketball I wasn’t surprised but I was still catching myself saying “wow.”

Remember guys, this is Todd Gurley, a running back, playing basketball and absolutely shaking the hell out of this poor, defenseless guy.  The Rams cannot be happy about this can they?  What if the exact opposite happened and Gurley’s ankle turned?  Eh, that’s not the point.  Watch this:

Though this will never compare to Cam Newton smashing this girl

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Cam is MEAN with the bubble.

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