Why Magic Johnson is the Smartest Basketball Player Ever: A Story You Didn’t Know

All the news today is about Magic Johnson taking over as President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers.  I think we knew this day was coming and I’d like to congratulate him.  But today I want to talk about a story I heard about Magic Johnson that gives me more respect for him as a businessman than anything else.  I heard from a source that in Magic’s career he used to use the tickets he was given for games for a very specific reason.

If you’re wondering why Magic Johnson is as rich as he is now, this is the reason.  Back in Magic’s day NBA players were allowed to have two tickets for each game to use as they saw fit.  While I’m sure Magic invited friends and family quite often, there’s something else he did, and did a lot.

Magic used to look up local businesses in the area, find out who the owners of said business were and send them an envelope in the mail.  Inside the envelope were two tickets and a note that read something along the lines of “Hey guys, this is Magic Johnson, I wanted to give you these two tickets and invite you to tonight’s game.  Let’s grab a drink afterwards and talk.”

I’m dead serious about this story and I think it’s the smartest thing Magic ever did as a basketball player.  Every young professional athlete in the world should be reading this story because not all these guys are gonna be stars.  In fact most won’t.  So make your connections now fellas and learn from Magic Johnson, the master network artist.

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