It’s Time for a Harry Houdini Biopic Starring Tom Hardy

It’s Time for a Harry Houdini Biopic Starring Tom Hardy

Harry Houdini was easily one of the most interesting individuals that ever lived. He was immensely talented when it came to his chosen profession, working as a magician. As a matter of fact, there were many individuals within the general public that had a tremendous amount of admiration for him. After all, it seems like he was capable of achieving things that were truly beyond the realm of possibility and he made this realm his comfort zone. With that being said, people that were in the business, so to speak, largely had a different opinion of him.

There is no doubt that Harry Houdini was driven to succeed. Many who knew him best might go as far as saying that his drive for success was his worst enemy. Nothing was ever enough for him. He was actually a very troubled young man but he poured all of the things that plagued him into his work. As a result, he had to be the best at everything. He had to perform magic tricks that no one else could do, stay in danger longer than anyone else ever had, so on and so forth. While this is the very thing that made him such a popular public figure, it’s also what made other people that knew him slightly better wonder if they should steer clear of him.

All these years later, there is still a lot that most people don’t know about this man. What drove him to perform as a magician in the first place? More importantly, what was the driving factor behind his overwhelming need to succeed and outdo everyone else in everything he did? Obviously, his desire for Perfection went well beyond what many would consider healthy limits. The question is, why?

Finally, people might have an opportunity to see exactly what was going on in the mind of Harry Houdini, thanks in part to an upcoming biopic that stars Tom Hardy. You might remember the extremely talented English actor for movies like Legend or Mad Max: Wasteland. In addition, he’s working on a film that isn’t quite ready for release yet entitled Venom. There is no doubt that he will be capable of portraying Houdini in a way that will make him come to life for everyone that takes the time to sit down and watch this movie. Many people are excited because it gives them an opportunity to see a little bit deeper into the personality of Harry Houdini in order to see exactly what made him the way he was. Furthermore, there is a great deal of confidence that Tom Hardy will be able to bring this performance to life in a way that few others are capable of doing.

While there is not a lot of news about this particular project on the horizon as of yet, you should start to hear a lot more about it in the near future. Even at this early stage, people are excited because Harry Houdini is still one of the most popular public figures in history. So many years after his death, people still want to know more about him. This particular project seems like an almost perfect pairing between actor and subject matter. That makes it even more exciting than it would have been otherwise.

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