Why You Should be Following Daisy Ridley on Twitter

Why You Should be Following Daisy Ridley on Twitter

There are likely a lot of reasons why you should be following Daisy Ridley on Twitter, but one among them is as unifying as it’s going to get. She’s a star, plain and simple, and her fame continues to rise as people now await the next installment of Star Wars and the possible end of the Skywalker influence upon the franchise. Yes, people are actually waiting to see what Rey will do following the passing of her master and the realization that she cannot save Ben Solo. All those that have made the bold claim that they won’t be going to see episode 9 will likely be those that will growl and still sit in the theater on the off chance that something miraculous happens and they’re impressed once again.

But Ridley’s celebrity status is continuing to grow as she takes on more roles and is already proving that Star Wars doesn’t necessarily ruin the reputation of every other actor that steps into an iconic role. Granted, some of those stepping into the new films have had a career before their inclusion into the Star Wars universe, but Ridley was for the most part not too widely known until she donned the garb of Rey and breathed new life into the franchise with her stunning display of talent. For all those skeptics it might be time to remind them that in the first trilogy the acting talents of the great Mark Hamill and even Carrie Fisher weren’t entirely up to snuff yet and only grew stronger as the movies went on. Ridley is the same way, as her character has grown and developed along with the story and her career has began to flourish as well considering that she’s been busy since The Force Awakens.

She had a career before the Star Wars franchise and it’s easy to assume that she will have one after her time in Star Wars is done, but as of now SW is her bread and butter since it is there that she is currently being immortalized as yet another character, another female character no less, that will bring some sense of modernization and equality to the universe that Lucas created. Having a feminine hero for Star Wars is nothing new, not even in the movies, as Princess Leia took the reins in that aspect and so did Padme in the prequels. Rey is another in a long line that is forging ahead as a strong female character that can guide the story, but thankfully she has had others around her that have helped out throughout the last two movies. The great part about Ridley is that she’s still a fresh face and has a lot of years left to her career if she so desires them. In fact it might even be pretty cool if Rey returns for the rumored trilogies that a couple different directors are proposing for Star Wars.

She’s a person to keep your eye on when it comes to fame, and also one that should be around for a long time to come.

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