That Time Darth Vader Hit the Closing Bell on Wall Street

So yeah, there was actually a time that Darth Vader and some red looking Stormtroops attending the closing bell on Wall Street.  If you’re from another country how in the hell can you take us seriously with this stuff going on?  A buddy of mine just posted this on Facebook and it bears repeating.

Do you think that terrorist groups use the televised Americans all clapping, smiling, and cheering loudly at the closing bell of Wall Street every day as a recruiting tool to show that the infidels worship money? I’m definitely not anti-Wall Street, but some days those people in the box are far too happy – regardless of the market’s closing numbers. It’s like contestants on the Price is Right. Sometimes they are so ecstatic you’d think it was a New York lottery winner’s ceremony and Nicholas Cage was giving Bridget Fonda a $2 million dollar tip.

Frequently there’s celebrities and commercial endorsements. And this is how the financial markets in our government run. Even if you’re very pro-capitalism like I am, it doesn’t paint a very flattering picture of our society. We might consider changing things like this to provide less fodder for anti-American sentiment abroad. Also, we should just change it for ourselves. Personally, I find it embarrassing.

What do you guys think?

And if you think that’s bad….

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