How about a Thomas the Train Feature Film?

Thomas the Tank Engine has been around for a long, long time now. And yet unlike many other cartoons that have come and gone this show has not yet been given a standalone film or even a series that has risen above its current station. This is kind of surprising considering that the series has been adored by so many throughout the generations that the story has been in publication. Ever since Wilbert Vere Awdry created this story to cheer up his son it’s been evolving over and over to make certain that it’s not only safe and educational for kids, but also enjoyable for future audiences as well. A lot of us grew up with Thomas and his friends and even our children now have a chance to truly enjoy this plucky little engine. So why not bring him to big screen where he can really be enjoyed?

There’s at least a few good reasons why this film should happen.

The show already has a widespread audience. 

Thomas and Friends wouldn’t have lasted this long if not for the love the fans. For years now, decades in fact, people have loved watching Thomas and his many friends ride the rails in an effort to help others and themselves. In fact you can even state that they’ve been an inspiration for other cartoons that have come after them. Disney’s Chuggington would be a great example. Take a look.

There are a lot of similarities between Thomas and Chuggington, but one important thing to remember is that Thomas has been around for a long time and was in fact the inspiration for Chuggington in many ways. He also has a much more detailed back story and is not the product of a team, but a single individual.

Thomas offers a sense of solidarity and purpose. 

Thomas and his friends ride the rails for a reason. They are set to work and have a job to do and are thus used as good examples for children to follow. Chuggington might be fun and exciting and serve a moral as well as educational purpose, but Thomas goes into greater depth without needing all the bells and whistles that are known to attract children for the flash and pomp. He is the old school kind of fun that a lot of kids don’t know about largely because they are so distracted by the media-induced hype of the newer and flashier shows.

The stories are simple, the narration is on point, and the clear facial features on the trains are easy to read.

One thing Chuggington does not have going for it is that despite each train having a face it is sometimes difficult to tell what emotions they are feeling due to their construction. Thomas and his friends are easy to read and this can help children to better read the emotions of others in order to gauge their moods and feelings. Also, the narration of the story is often helpful and can bring the story to a close so as to give people some definite sense of closure.

So really, it’s time to see a movie about Thomas the Tank Engine. Let’s go.


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