This Star Wars and Smash Mouth All-Star Mashup Is Very Catchy

So first of all, if you didn’t laugh at part of this then you really need to get your funny bone checked because it’s absolutely hilarious and more than that, it’s the kind of attempt that really takes a lot of patience and a good deal of time and effort to create, so honestly to whoever did this, it’s highly impressive and well done, a true work of editing that was likely able to bring a lot of people a minute or so of enjoyment. Katherine Stinson of Screenrant has another take on it but thankfully can agree that it’s catchy. Think of all the clips that had to be pored through in order to make this work just right and then you might have an idea of how long it took and how the editing had to be just right, exact even, to make it as seamless as it turned out being. The kubaz as the scratching record was a nice touch and, poor R2-D2, the moment he was attacked by the Jawas capped it off just perfectly since it gave the video another memorable moment since a lot of those used for the clip are easy to recall, but a few are more so than others. The craze with Star Wars has been ongoing for a while now since 2015 and it’s bound to keep up for a while to come so long as Disney doesn’t end up forcing too much on the audience all at once. That’s a big reason why they’ve decided not to bring up any new Star Wars movies in the coming year, and hopefully it will work.

What’s really fun about this video is that the clips have been taken from pretty much every Star Wars movie imaginable, though whether Solo was in there or not is hard to tell. It’s likely that there were no Rise of Skywalker moments since it’s still not out of theaters yet and it’s not accessible. But maybe someone will come up with another video eventually and it will be included, which would be fun to see really, especially if it’s done even half as well as this one. There have been a great many parodies, short films, and various other projects that have come about since Star Wars started getting overly popular again, and many of them have been fairly well done since the fans tend to want to do their best and give their fellow fans something worth watching. Rae Alexandra of Pop has her own opinion of this and it’s kind of interesting. The multitude of videos out there are likely too many to easily count and even harder to watch in their entirety since the sheer number of them is likely to be quite daunting. But it goes to show that the fan base for Star Wars is immense since even the most casual fan knows at least a few things about the franchise that are common knowledge and have been passed around pop culture for a number of years.

That’s one great thing about Star Wars though, it can take being made into a parody over and over and it’s still able to be regarded as something that the fans will love no matter if it’s being mocked or if the parodies are genuine attempts to enjoy the franchise and still have some fun with it. There are plenty of stories out there that couldn’t weather this type of treatment as the fans would likely eat alive anyone that dared to make fun of their favorite shows or movie. For a long time now though Star Wars has been one of the more versatile franchises since it encompasses an entire galaxy and even more than that when you really look at how it’s grown throughout the years. George Lucas might have once commented that the expanded universe that came from his idea wasn’t ‘his Star Wars’ but one thing even he can’t deny is that the fans have taken hold of the franchise in a big way and helped to create something that even he couldn’t have foreseen all those years ago. Everyone has their own idea of what Star Wars really is, including its creator, but one immutable fact is that it’s grown beyond what anyone expected and is at this point its own creation no matter who wants to claim it or who wants to say what’s what. Star Wars has become a living, breathing thing all its own and trying to claim it is kind of like trying to claim a river with your bare hands, you might get a piece of it or even find a way to claim it entirely, but it’s going to keep moving so long as it’s allowed and it’s going to stay on a course that’s bound to take it where it needs to go no matter how anyone thinks it should get there.

Go on and watch the video though, this was funny enough that it deserves more than one viewing.

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