This Smoke Monster Theory Changes Everything on Lost

This Smoke Monster Theory Changes Everything on Lost

This Smoke Monster Theory Changes Everything on Lost

The fact that people are still talking about Lost after it’s been on the air for so long is more evidence that many were either so enamored of the show or so confused by it that they want a bit of closure, and one or more theories appear to be able to grant that. One of the many puzzling things about the show was the smoke monster, the amorphous, black cloud that could kill and was the man in black. Despite having its own explanation and storyline, a theory that has come forth concerning the overall purpose of the smoke monster. The focus of the theory has to do with the time-travel aspect of the show, and it’s kind of interesting to think about since it depicts the smoke monster as a type of arbiter for timeline deviations. While that might sound kind of funny it’s interesting how this has been put since it brings to mind the TVA from the Loki series and their continual need to ‘prune’ certain timelines that don’t need to exist according to the Sacred Timeline. Since this didn’t exist in Lost it’s fair to say that it could be why such a theory never came until now.

There are so many theories regarding Lost at this point that trying to reconcile them all would be nearly impossible, even for a show that made it a point to confuse the audience and drop in another hidden secret that hadn’t been guessed at in the previous episode. This show became notorious for doing what it could to keep the fans on their toes since there appeared to be something new with each episode or some new way of looking at things that hadn’t been seen before. But the smoke monster being capable of fixing timeline deviations would be interesting since it might have been possible, had this ever been confirmed, that it was either attempting to keep certain timelines viable and stable while eliminating others out of a sense of self-interest and preservation or was simply acting on a natural sense of right and wrong that needed to be balanced in order to keep thing moving as they needed to.

After everything that happened in the history of this show that wouldn’t have been the least bit surprising since the lengths to which the show went to make it clear that it wasn’t just like any other program. With every new show, there was something happening that the inhabitants of the island couldn’t fully understand, and audience members were stumbling around trying to find out more about it. A show like this would definitely be enough, or so one would think, to frustrate a lot of people, but most viewers wanted to learn more and as a result, were tuning in to see what happened to who and whether or not someone was going to die with each episode. That would have made for a shorter and possibly more boring show, but it would have been even more intense for the survivors no doubt. There were plenty of issues to worry about on the island, and the smoke monster was just one of them.

There have been talks of reviving Lost in the recent past, but so far nothing has really come from them, but if such a thing did ever happen it’s fair to think that this and many other theories might be able to come into play for the simple reason that they might shed a bit more light on a show that appeared to revel in keeping people looking every which way to see what was coming. But a creature that could affect the timeline of the show as a type of agent of fate, would be kind of interesting to think about, especially since the history of the smoke monster is already kind of interesting. Reading up on how it came to be and everything it had done up to the point of its involvement in the show was intriguing since it gave a lot of background to something that might have remained as mysterious from the start to the end if not for the exposition that was given.

The ability to mess with time in one way or another has been a popular theme over the years and it’s not too hard to think of why such a theory would be brought up, especially since it’s something that has been a part of pop culture for quite a while now. Time travel of any sort has been a favorite theme of many fans, and any and every chance to inject it into one story or another feels like something that would be voted as one of the most popular practices if enough viewers were asked. It’s not likely that we’ll ever get to see such a thing, but it would have been interesting.

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