This Real Captain America Shield That Actually Bounces Back

This is one of the only Captain America shields that will ever bounce, at least until enough people figure out how to make their own, or a toy company figures out the secret and charges an enormous price for it. But the ingenuity here is pretty impressive since the actual Captain America shield isn’t going to come around unless someone comes up with a metal that can mimic vibranium and isn’t exceedingly rare. Even then it’s likely a shield wouldn’t be the first application that it would be used for, since it’s far more likely that one would find it on a military vehicle of some sort. The days of shields have kind of come and gone in the military, since body armor, helmets, and other such uses have taken over. Even those aren’t perfect, but the use of a shield now rests almost entirely in the comic book movies and in various events involving cosplay and LARPing. But the idea that there are still people out there wanting to replicate what they see in the movies is pretty cool since they appear to have a good time doing this and what they come up with is kind of amazing.

Getting past the trial and error portion when it came to finding out what kind of materials were needed, it’s fair to say that the process was longer and more arduous than the inventor was thinking about. Of course, given that he’s made other items it’s likely he knows what he’s getting into when it comes to each new project. It’s easy to wonder how much some of this stuff costs, but seeing as how the people that make these videos tend to make money online or from other sources it’s not something that one needs to obsess on, since the results usually become the main point of the video very quickly, and the trial and error portions are entertaining as hell.

The only problem with trying to make anything from the comics is the impractical nature of pretty much everything that comes from the comic book movies. Having seen a video in which a guy makes metal Hulk hands, another where someone tries to make a repulsor like Iron Man, and several other videos, the same problem comes to mind, they simply don’t have the same resources that the comic characters can access. From the fictional metals to the cash flow and facilities that the characters have access to in the movies, making something as it’s represented in the movies is bound to be nearly impossible since like it or not, our world doesn’t have vibranium and those that are attempting to create suits, shields, or anything with it are going to be sorely disappointed. But the efforts that are put forward are still a lot of fun to watch and are definitely amazing since the ability to bounce off multiple walls and be retrieved by the user is a step forward at least. Putting magnets on the shield to keep it in place on the user’s arm is also a good idea, but trying to put the magnets that Captain America uses in the movie just isn’t possible without some seriously high tech equipment, and it’s likely that it wouldn’t work anyway on this shield since it would only increase the weight.

One doesn’t need to be an engineer or genius to figure a few things out, as magnets do have weight, and the smaller the magnets, the less likely it is that they’d work as well as the inventor wanted. There’s sure to be a way to remedy such a thing, but in favor of creating a lightweight shield that won’t succumb to gravity after it travels a few feet, the material would need to be pretty light, and the impact with the wall would require some toughness and elasticity that would allow it to rebound back to the user. In layman’s terms, a lot of things become clearer, and more and more people are allowed a better chance at grasping what is, to the human eye, something that’s pretty simple in terms of what’s going on. When putting it all together though, that’s when things tend to get a little confusing.

But the shield did come out just fine at the end and was even able to be used for a few trick shots. As a child’s toy this would likely be something that might cost one hundred dollars or more simply because companies would understand that people would pay that much for this. It would be pretty cool though, even if it’s not exactly bound to happen right away, if at all. But the idea is sound enough, now all that appears to be needed is a way to perfect it and perhaps even market it.

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