This Quintet Performs The Complete Star Wars theme Acapella

Star Wars Screen test

There is a little something missing when one hears the Star Wars theme in acapella, but many would agree that it’s still fairly impressive since thinking that it’s easy to do would make some folks laugh. Singing, in general, isn’t that hard really, but singing well and being able to carry a tune take a little to a lot more than people have sometimes since it usually requires a bit of practice to get the sounds and pitches down in order to make it pleasing to the ear. Even if one manages to do that, they have to face up to the realization that there are A LOT of people in this world that love to sing, and many upon many of them that can sing, and many that are good enough to get the attention of those that are willing to support their careers by paying them.

In other words, being a good singer isn’t a guaranteed ticket to fame unless one can do what others can’t. In terms of the Star Wars theme, there are a lot of people that have come up with one way or another to present the main theme to people in a manner that will be appreciated and possibly get them noticed. But while this group brings a version that is nice to listen to and has definitely benefited from a great deal of practice and positive exposure, they’re one more drop in the bucket when it comes to the Star Wars experience. Admitting that they’re great and they do bring a very obvious level of skill to the piece, it’s still enough to say that they’re one of the many acts that have come along that have added their own distinct voice to the franchise in a very professional manner that is bound to make a lot of people pay attention.

The group has covered several other themes apart from Star Wars since there are many hit movies and shows out there that do have very recognizable opening themes that people would no doubt want to hear. But thinking about how they make this happen is intriguing since one has to realize that the first instrument that any person learns to use in their life is their voice, which can do more than make noises that eventually become words and other expressions. For those that use their voice extensively in their career or even in their hobby, it’s important to take care of their vocals and not abuse them in various ways that can alter the sounds they can produce. Just as an example, heavy smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a change in one’s voice since the effects that both have upon the vocal cords can lead to a singer being unable to hit certain notes or even sustain a note for that long. There are foods that some singers avoid or eat sparingly and various other ways that singers will take care of their voice, especially when it’s their main source of income. Those that primarily play instruments in a band or on their own might not worry as much about their voice but will take care of their hands and fingers in much the same way, making certain that they don’t do anything to abuse their body in a way that would reduce their ability to function.

The Star Wars opening them has been recreated so many different times that it’s hard to count them all, and it’s been done in this same manner or with instruments, each time producing a very impressive performance that takes a good deal of skill and some natural talent to pull it off. One thing that anyone kind of needs to have when getting into music is a love for the music and at least a little bit of talent that can be built upon, since having no talent at all but the love for the music is all well and good, but it tends to take longer to make it work. The Star Wars theme isn’t the most complex piece of music in the world, but it is one of the most recognizable, and the manner in which this group goes about it is, admittedly a little less impressive to start with but far better as they move along and go deeper into the theme. Without the instruments behind them though to bolster their impressive voices, the theme is a little empty to be truthful, but it’s still nice to listen to simply because you can hear their voices and it is fair to say that they’re a talented and creative bunch. Regulating one’s voice to the needed pitch and tone is definitely important, and a little difficult, but those that have learned how are often able to make it work without fail.

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