Great Uses of Music on TV: Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison” on “Scrubs”

Great Uses of Music on TV: Bel Biv Devoe’s “Poison” on “Scrubs”

Scrubs was always known for being able to make people laugh and bringing out some of the best tracks ever laid. Bel Biv Devoe’s song Poison was just another among many but it was also one of the best uses of the song in a TV show since Turk was using it to make a point. As one of the surgeons in the hospital Turk was always one of the funniest and most prominent characters on the staff. He wasn’t really that much of a jerk but he knew how to flaunt when he had when it was necessary. In this clip for instance he’s trying to show the janitor and his small group just what it takes to audition for their group, though it’s likely that Turk didn’t know that they were going to like what they saw so much that they’d be willing to sign him up for the group. Turk just couldn’t let an opportunity to show off his skills go to waste.

Watching the sitcoms that are on today kind of makes a person pine for shows like Scrubs, which had their own fair share of issues and controversial material but still seemed like so much fun that it was hard not to watch it. Turk was just one of the many on this show that made it watchable and brought his own sense of style to things that might otherwise have been deemed too dramatic. He was the kind of guy that wanted to have fun but also just had to make his point known now and again like in this scene. He didn’t often pass up a chance to show that he knew something about something. That could have been why he was a good fit with JD, since JD was kind of hopeless in his way and didn’t know a whole lot about anything other than his job and the few interests he had outside of work.

After all Turk was the confident friend in the relationship that had a steady relationship with Carla and knew how to make it work, most of the time. He was kind of like JD’s wingman one moment and his tormentor/moral compass the next. There was a lot going on in that friendship that didn’t make sense sometimes but it was pretty solid since they’d known each other since college. Turk struck a lot of people as the cool and collected surgeon that felt that he was on top of the world more often than not even if he was still kind of a nerd in his own right at times. It was okay though, he was a nerd in a place where being a nerd was totally acceptable.

This show was one of the best on TV during its time and was watched by a wide assortment of people that liked a little bit of everything that it had to offer. This moment was one of many funny scenes in which Turk decided that he knew best and was going to prove it.

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