Five Times When Elton John Masterfully Covered Other Music

Five Times When Elton John Masterfully Covered Other Music

It seems like sampling and covering other artist’s songs is something that musicians love to do, and Elton John isn’t above having fun with someone else’s work. Elton John isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and that’s easy to understand. He’s been a star though for a lot of years and is entitled at this point to say that he doesn’t care who likes him and who doesn’t. I remember growing up to his music and finding it out of this world to be honest. While I won’t admit to liking all of his songs there are those that are highly inspirational and a lot of fun to listen to.

It’s even more interesting when people prefer a cover song to the original version.

5. Travelin Band-John Fogerty

If you’ve ever noticed how Elton’s voice has changed over the years you can tell since during his younger years his voice was a lot more vibrant and had a lot more punch to it than it has in the last couple of decades. He’s still a great artist and singer but his voice has lost a bit of it’s original quality, which is pretty easy to understand.

4. Stan-Eminem Ft. Dido

I remember this being a big deal since when he first came on the scene Eminem was rapping about homosexuals in a way that made it sound as though he really didn’t like anyone what was gay and was bound to bash them severely no matter what. But when he played this song with Elton John it was an instant hit since the two of them were in such sync that the entire song just blended together without any issue. Plus Eminem has matured quite a bit since his debut.

3. Come and Get It-Paul McCartney

Some people could possibly argue that anything that has been touched by Paul McCartney should be left alone or given the proper respect it deserves. Well to be honest Elton John is able to give it that kind of respect and more since he’s on the same level as McCartney and isn’t shy about just breaking into a song when he needs to.

2. In The Summertime-Mungo Jerry

This is just a fun song that’s been around for a while and has a lot of potential when it comes to being a feelgood track that people love to hear. It’s popular because of its sound as well as the nostalgia that it brings back to people, but Elton John made it bounce just a little more than the original version. He’s had a way of making things better for a long time now, but honestly I still think I prefer the original version just because it seems a little more familiar.

1. Up Around The Bend-John Fogerty

I had to add another Fogerty piece since I’m a CCR fan and love to hear their music. Thankfully Elton John did a great job on their songs and stuck to the basic formula for the most part.

Like I said it’s always interesting to see one musician perform another musician’s songs.

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