This Miguel Fan Theory from Cobra Kai is a Head Scratcher

When you think about it, there hasn’t been a lot of thought given to Miguel’s dad throughout the Cobra Kai series since all that anyone really knows is that he and his mother had to get away from the guy and they left Ecuador to do it. For a lot of fans that kind of narrows down who Miguel’s father could be, but the thing is that folks are already thinking that Terry Silver might have something to do with Tory as well. But there’s also been a rumor that maybe Julie Pierce is Tory’s mother since we’ve never really seen her either, but it would be seriously creepy if Silver turned out to be the father of both Miguel and Tory, but it would be one hell of a twist. Getting back to the subject at hand though it’s been mentioned that while Silver is a possibility to be Miguel’s father, even if he would have been a bit older when meeting Miguel’s mother, it would be kind of convenient, to say the least. But what if another person from the Karate Kid movies ended up being his father? What if Mike Barnes was said to be Miguel’s dad? That’s quite a leap of faith to take since Mike would have had to travel to Ecuador at some point and perhaps keep up his bad-boy image by doing all kinds of dirt as he eventually ended up becoming a full-fledged criminal. It’s definitely out there as far as theories go, but it’s not impossible. But a lot of people are wondering if there might be another individual that might come into play eventually, someone that has no history with the Karate Kid movies and could possibly inject a bit of new blood into the series that isn’t based on the past. It would definitely be a new idea at least.

The fact is that Cobra Kai has been a redemptive show for those that were seen as the villains in the movies, at least so far. Johnny and his fellow Cobra Kai’s ended up either striking out in life or becoming decent people, Chozen straightened up and let the past go, but not before honking Daniel’s nose after incapacitating him, just to see the look on Daniel’s face. Admit it, that part was pretty funny. The only villain that has yet to show any sign of wanting redemption is Kreese, and to hear it told, a lot of people are thinking that he has a reason for being the kind of guy he is, and they’re not entirely wrong. But the counter to this is that Kreese took his pain and humiliation to one of the darkest places imaginable in order to never be hurt or humiliated again. In doing his best to protect himself from the world he ended up striking first before the world could even look at him wrong. His interactions with Mr. Miyagi made it clear that being proactive wasn’t always the right choice since the world would find a way to remind him that being strong doesn’t always mean being the first to throw a punch. Now that Daniel has made it clear that he can hold his own with Kreese, the lesson might start sinking in by season 4 that Kreese is lashing out at a world that’s willing to give him a chance for redemption, but only if he’s willing to change. But getting back to Miguel, his own development has been vastly different than any villain in the saga thus far since he started out as a nerdy type of kid that was beaten up quite often, no doubt because his mother wanted him safe and secure and didn’t want him fighting. It’s likely that had his father been there he might have been taught to fight, or he would have been even more withdrawn.

Given how he responded to Johnny’s tutelage it’s possible that Miguel might have grown up to be a bully since upon becoming a Cobra Kai he did eventually become quite aggressive, not to mention rather cruel. One has to wonder what it would have been like had his father still been in the picture. Plus, if his father does get a reveal it could be that we’ll see another style of martial arts enter the series, which could definitely spice things up a bit since if one thinks about it, we could see either Taekwondo or Jujitsu featured in the show, which would be absolutely awesome since there would be definite debate about the strength of karate against either style and it’s likely that a lot of people would want to put their two cents in. We’ll have to wait and see just what happens with the upcoming season and if Miguel’s dad is going to make an appearance, but one can guess what people are hoping for.

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