“Cobra Kai” Has to Be Amazing for One Generation No Matter What, Right?

“Cobra Kai” Has to Be Amazing for One Generation No Matter What, Right?

“Cobra Kai” Has to Be Amazing for One Generation No Matter What, Right?

“Cobra Kai” Has to Be Amazing for One Generation No Matter What, Right?

Anyone that can deny that Cobra Kai is amazing obviously wasn’t a part of the generation that grew up with the Karate Kid. Back in the day this was one of the most awesome movies that was ever created and was something that kids all over the world related to in one way or another. Sure now that you watch it the story is a bit faded and the characters are a little overplayed, but for those of us that absolutely loved this movie growing up in the 80’s it was something just too awesome to be believed. After all it was the story of the new kid in town that isn’t the biggest guy, isn’t the tough guy, but is trying to find a way to fit in and just can’t seem to do so.

The fact that the two opposing characters from the first film are going to be at odds again is kind of strange since Johnny was the one that handed Daniel the trophy in the first film and Mr. Miyagi was the guy that saved Johnny from his psychotic instructor. But apparently the story goes now that Johnny has fallen on hard times and needs something in his life to get back to square one and to find some semblance of balance in his life. That sounds kind of familiar doesn’t it? It almost sounds like his teacher John Kreese, who was down and out by the third film and had to rely on an old friend to try and get his dojo up and running again. Of course Daniel won at the end of the film and put the kibosh on that, but now Johnny seems to need something that can give him a shot in the arm so to speak to get things moving again.

The dynamic between Daniel and Johnny was great in the first movie which makes it kind of confusing as to why Johnny never came back for the third one, either just as a part of Daniel’s life or someone that could stand up to Kreese. Of course it could be that Johnny just didn’t fit into the story at that point. But now that the two are coming back into the spotlight you would almost think that there would be a grudging respect between them at the very least, but Johnny seems to have fallen back on old habits and is bound to butt heads with Daniel yet again. It’s going to be interesting to see who comes out on top this time, since Daniel is still going to be broken up after the loss of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi. It would have been great to see Pat Morita come back for another round but sadly he passed away in 2005.

One thing you can definitely count on however is that for those that loved the original movie this will be one of the most awesome shows to date since it brings back something we all loved in our childhood and adolescent years. The meeting of Daniel and Johnny is going to be something epic for certain. Plus, look at it this way, Johnny isn’t exactly the villain this time around. Daniel might have garnered the greater glory in the original film, but this time they’re on even ground, and with the return of Cobra Kai there’s going to be some serious issues that they need to hammer out once and for all.

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