This is What an Empty Disney World Looks Like

This is What an Empty Disney World Looks Like

This is What an Empty Disney World Looks Like

Matt Joseph of We Got This Covered is just one of many covering this somewhat disturbing set of images of Disney parks that have shut down, as this is a worldwide phenomenon that has people sitting silently at their TV’s and computers looking at the empty entrances, the haunting images of a place that’s usually packed to the gills with people, and wondering when, or if, it will ever look the same again. That might sound a little melodramatic, but in reality it’s kind of disconcerting since despite the fact that the Mouse House was riding high on the hog not too long ago, the fact is that more than just the corporate heads will be feeling the bite of this action since those that rely heavily on the parks for employment and a regular paycheck are those that are really losing out. Folks might want to think about that when it comes to bemoaning the fact that they won’t get to congregate within the parks and argue about which ride to go on next. There are people’s lives that are being disrupted, their livelihood that’s being threatened by an unfortunately necessary move that has been set in motion to keep people safe and to keep the COVID-19 virus from spreading any further. Thinking of how it hurts the corporation is all well and good, since the act of closing down might hurt their bottom line, but it definitely hurts the people working for them first and foremost.

On top of this the shutdown and postponement of so many different movies isn’t helping since the loss could be in the billions by the end of the year if things don’t turn around fairly quick. The projections and predictions thus far aren’t looking too cheery as a lot of people are, no surprise, thinking that the quarantine and the social distancing that’s been mandated could very easily damage Disney’s hold on the entertainment industry if things continue to spiral as they are. The doomsayers are in full swing at the moment and not helping in the slightest as the ray of light at the end of this dark tunnel does happen to exist, we just haven’t seen it yet. What’s unfortunate is that we are just getting started, and while many people are predicting that it’s going to get so much worse before it gets better, rather than waiting to see what’s coming, one can only imagine the doom and gloom that people are looking at as of now. This could be due to the fact that people are looking at only the most negative aspects of the disease and what it’s done so far, not the fact that many have recovered. It is true that thousands have died from the COVID-19 virus, and this is a saddening and very tragic development. But instead of looking at things in a half-empty sort of manner, perhaps folks should start thinking about what’s left, who’s still here, and why it’s important to keep living rather than looking for the nearest hole to hide in. Dan Evon of Snopes has something that might at least make people think.

The images we’re given and the news that is delivered on a day to day basis is enough to depress just about anyone if they continue to pay attention to every little tidbit. It’s important to stay informed, to know what’s going on, and to act accordingly, but at the same time it’s also important to remember that your life goes on, that the world is still here, and that the virus has a recovery rate. Some people have actually claimed they don’t need to focus on this, and that too is saddening as it indicates that they seek to focus on misery and pain rather than the silver lining that’s attempting to be noticed. Yes, Disneyland is closed, and yes, the workers are going to need some serious help finding a way to get paid until the park is able to open again. But if all we focus on are the empty entrances and every other negative thing under the sun we run the risk of being able to see the upside that might be coming around the corner at some point. It’s true, given that the whole mess hasn’t been going on that long it could be a while until we see such an upswing. But in these hard times it’s best to focus on what’s here, who’s still here, and show some respect for others by taking the virus seriously without resorting to fear-mongering. Continue to live, find ways to get by, and the world will go on. John F. Harris of Politico has something to say in his own words.

How Disney will survive this massive hit is anyone’s guess, but one thing is pretty obvious, they’re not taking it lying down, and they’re not quitting just yet. If nothing else, take some sort of inspiration in that fact.

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