This Fan Trailer Teases Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story

This Fan Trailer Teases Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story

This Fan Trailer Teases Ahsoka: A Star Wars Story

Ahsoka Tano’s ability to become a fan favorite didn’t happen overnight since she came in as kind of an obnoxious character that was young, brash, and liked to challenge just about anyone that offered up a viewpoint she didn’t fully agree with. That was fortunately why she was so perfect as the padawan to Anakin Skywalker since she was just as impetuous and quick to action as he was, though throughout their time together she did become tempered and was taught how to calm her otherwise tempestuous energies as she channeled them into a more constructive outlook. The sad part about her story is that Ahsoka did eventually leave the Jedi after having her faith in them shaking following a trial that was the work of a fellow padawan Barriss Offee, who committed an act of terrorism against the Jedi Temple and then framed Ahsoka for it. The fact that her fellow Jedi didn’t stand up for her as readily as they should have did a lot of damage to Ahsoka’s psyche and eventually caused her to leave the order. We’ve been given a pretty good look at what happened to her after this but the desire to see a movie based entirely around Ahsoka is something that many fans would love to see at this point since as a Jedi and a character she’s been one of the favorites for a while now.

Having been trained by one of the most powerful Jedi ever recorded and also having come so far on her own by the time she faces her former master again it’s evident that while Ahsoka did leave the Jedi she never forgot the training and continued to grow in power and in skill. The Togruta Jedi actually took on the Inquisitors as though they were novices and even stood toe to toe with Darth Vader, so it tells you in no uncertain terms that she’s an immensely powerful individual and more than a little skilled since despite his limited capabilities after being rebuilt and reconditioned, Anakin still possesses most of his skill and power as Vader, and is even more ruthless and unforgiving. Pushing for an Ahsoka Tano movie should be kind of a no-brainer since people would respond, even if it had to come to Disney+ as a feature instead. The whole point of it is that a lot of fans want to see the back story that rests between the movies and the animated series and they want to know just how some of these characters became who they are or were. One of the only issues with doing this is that there are a lot of interesting characters in Star Wars that can be found throughout vast spans of time since the Jedi, the Sith, and the galaxy at large harbor a great many powerful and notable names that people would love to learn more about.

That would take forever most likely, so focusing on fan favorites would be a lot easier as there are those that are wanting to see a Darth Vader story as well. It’s been said more than once that there is a lot more to the galaxy than just the Force and those who use it, but being realistic it’s very easy to see that the Jedi and the Sith are among the most interesting characters because of what they can do, what their ideologies are, and the constant back and forth war they fight over how the Force is to be used. At one point a person has to realize that the morality of the Jedi and the Sith can easily become the same depending on the point of view that any observation is taken from. Ahsoka walked away from most of it, but retained her sense of right and wrong despite not claiming herself as a Jedi in her last fight with Vader. Some might call her a Gray Jedi, an individual that is typically able to operate outside the Jedi code and doesn’t necessarily fall in with the order, but  given the fact that she is not a Jedi and makes it known this term likely wouldn’t apply unless it was written in this way.

What is very easy to say is that she turned out to be a great deal stronger when it came to willpower and strength of character than her former master as Anakin allowed his fear to overrule his better judgment and ended up becoming the very thing he’d fought against for so long. Ahsoka, upon walking away, chose her own path and as a result still remained the person she’d been, but gained a great deal of wisdom as well as skill in the process. A story about this young Force-user would be one that a lot of fans would line up for, almost guaranteed.

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