Namor vs. Mr. Fantastic: Who Wins?

Namor vs. Mr. Fantastic: Who Wins?
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Fights between Marvel characters are usually fun to gauge since they end up pitting some of the more powerful and crafty characters against one another in bouts that might have already happened in the comics, but they never came to a conclusion. Two individuals that are hard to downplay are Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic, and Namor the Submariner. Both men have a few things in common, but one thing that’s made them fight each other tooth and nail, or rather one woman, is Susan Storm since she’s married to Reed but has had a dalliance with Namor in the past. It’s tough to say that she didn’t have a reason since Reed isn’t the easiest guy to get along with, but staying with her husband is probably wise since Namor is a dictator and tyrant that’s insanely egocentric and doesn’t have a great track record of keeping his temper in check. When it comes to a fight between these two, though, there is an advantage to either side, so it’s kind of a tough call to say who wins. 

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credit: Marvel Comics

In the water, Reed might be able to do something with prep time, but on the spur of the moment, he has no chance against Namor.

This is not the type of fight that would be wise to fight against Namor in the water since beneath the waves, he would rule just about anyone that might want to battle him. With enough prep time and a device or two hidden up his sleeve, it’s possible that Reed might be able to come up with something that would give Namor pause. But that advantage would evaporate in a hurry if he couldn’t get the ruler of Atlantis to quit the fight, which isn’t likely, or simply knock him out. Even then, being underwater, Reed would have to devise an exit strategy to make certain he could reach the surface again.  

Out of the water, Reed’s advantage goes up the longer Namor is away from the sea or water in general. 

Even on land, Namor is a tough opponent, but if Reed has access to the vast number of materials he needs for his inventions, he would be able to find a way to take Namor down. The longer Namor is away from water, the weaker he gets, and Richards knows this. These two have gone toe to toe in the past, and Reed has managed to put Namor on his heels, even if the ruler of Atlantis would claim that he wasn’t hurt in the least. Reed would have a bigger advantage when it comes to this fight, especially since he’s been able to come up with devices that have managed to defend the world from the likes of Galactus and other threats that are powerful enough to give many beings in the cosmos pause. Reed is a prime example of how intelligence can be used as a deadly weapon when it’s applied in the right way. Considering that Mr. Fantastic has been able to create some of the deadliest devices in the universe, it’s not hard to think that he’d be able to take Namor with enough time to get ready. 

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credit: Marvel Comics

A lot of fans might state that Namor would take this fight by blitzing Mr. Fantastic and ending it quickly. 

The problem with this idea is that Reed’s body is so incredibly elastic that it can take a tremendous amount of damage and can be altered to take on any shape he needs it to. Plus, he’s not inept as a fighter, as he is a Judo expert and packs a heavy punch. Of course, Namor is able to take a heavy punch and deliver one at the same time. It’s Reed’s intelligence that would tip the scales in this fight and whether or not he could bring them to bear before Namor one-shots him into oblivion. Reed’s love for his wife, even if he doesn’t show it at all times, is another reason why he would fight a little harder since, despite how he says that he feels, Susan is more of an object to Namor than anything, a possession that he wants because he desires her. 

At the end of the day, this fight is actually more even than people think. 

The big muscles and the kingdom behind him make Namor a very potent enemy, but Reed Richards is a match for this ruler simply because he can outthink him in a lot of different ways. When all is said and done, Namor and Reed are more evenly matched than a lot of characters. Strength vs. intellect usually favors strength in the eyes of a lot of people, but there are times when intellect can go much, much further than brawn. 

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