This Awesome Supercut of Owen Wilson Saying “Wow”

This Awesome Supercut of Owen Wilson Saying “Wow”

This Awesome Supercut of Owen Wilson Saying “Wow”

Plenty of actors have their go-to expressions, utterances, looks, whatever there might be to make them known among their fans. In some cases, this becomes more of a habit and might be something they’re not entirely aware of, while sometimes it’s just part of their personality or overall act and they can’t go that long without saying it. Owen Wilson says ‘wow’ a lot, and plenty of people have noticed it obviously since the simple utterance ends up in the movies quite often, no matter what the movie is or what the situation might be. For quite a few years now Owen has been speaking that one word in a number of ways when the situation calls for it and most of the time its kind of forgotten about the moment it happens since the story keeps going and people want to know what’s going to happen and won’t focus on the ‘wow’ as often. But when one looks at a clip like this it’s hard not to wonder if Owen is even aware how much he does this or if it’s just a natural thing that happens when he’s standing there trying to react before saying something else. It does feel more like a scripted line quite often since in his voice acting it has to be accounted for given that the words have to match what the characters on the screen are saying. But in live-action, it feels as though he might say it more often simply because it’s his thing and it’s bound to come out even if it’s not scripted. It’s hard to tell really but usually, the wow does fit the moment since as an actor his timing is pretty good and he tends to impress people more than he disappoints them given that he’s a very respected actor and good enough to make something work in a manner that makes it feel natural.

How many times he says wow in the upcoming Loki series will be interesting to see since once again it feels as though he’s going to be saying wow a bunch of times and perhaps making it as though he doesn’t even notice that he’s doing it. It will also be fun to see him pitted against the Norse god of mischief simply because Loki is the kind of character that thinks very highly of himself and can imagine anyone else being able to match him when it comes to intelligence and wit. But the TVA is a different animal, and while Loki is bound determined not to be bound by anyone, it will be fun to see Owen match wits with Tom Hiddleston’s character if only because they both have their own styles and it’s fair to say that they’re about to clash in a very big way. In a lot of his movies Owen has been the kind of guy that doesn’t want to be bound at first, doesn’t want to be tied down, and wants a little more freedom in life, but eventually comes to realize that he has everything he wants or at least has it in sight and is ready to change to keep it. That’s why being a TVA agent in charge of Loki is so much harder, and a lot more open to great moments in which the god might actually be humbled or even embarrassed. Yes, we are ready for that show to come our way and we are ready to see Owen Wilson join the MCU.

Throughout much of his career, it feels as though Owen Wilson has kind of been an up and down kind of character that has had great hits now and again but has also had a few flops that didn’t really turn out that well. His acting has never really been the problem but it does feel that the choice of movie that he’s showed up in has been an issue now and again mostly because some of the movies he’s opted to star in just haven’t received a great deal of attention for one reason or another. He’s starred with some of the biggest names in show business and he’s always been able to do just as well as his costars when it comes to fulfilling a role, but for one reason or another, the movies that he’s been in haven’t always been the greatest. Owen always comes off as the kind of guy that you could sit down with and have a few drinks and just hash out what’s been going on throughout the day and possibly watch the game with if you really needed company. But from his signature phrase to some of the more recognizable movements and looks he gives this guy has been one of the most watchable movie stars in the past couple of decades for a number of reasons.

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