Five Insane Things Superheroes Actually Did For Justice

Five Insane Things Superheroes Actually Did For Justice

Five Insane Things Superheroes Actually Did For Justice

Now and then heroes go a little past their boundaries when it comes to keeping the peace, and while some heroes do this on a regular basis since that’s just their M.O., it’s a bit of a shock when others do it since they’re usually known for being as upright as possible when it comes to seeking justice. There are instances though when it happens that a hero might do something in the name of justice that appears to be a little odd or way out of character since it’s not something that they’re known for and it goes well beyond the norm when it comes to the actual definition of justice. In these instances, it’s usually necessary for the hero to check themselves in a big way, or it might be necessary for other heroes to step in and make it right since the hero in question has fallen too far to make it back on their own. In any case, the pursuit of the right path is sometimes hard to see from a hero’s perspective since the average person might consider their actions to be overkill or even just downright wrong.

Here are a few times when heroes took the pursuit of justice a bit too far.

5. Batman built Brother Eye to keep tabs on metahumans.

It’s likely that Batman had an engineer build the AI, but it was his design, and unfortunately, this AI eventually found the metahumans to be a threat. This isn’t even mentioning that it was hacked by Batman’s enemies, which is just one more reason to have never built it in the first place. Batman has done a few questionable things in his past, but creating something that has the express purpose of spying on those that he’s supposed to be able to call his allies kind of goes above and beyond paranoia since if you can’t trust your allies then it’s likely that you can’t trust anyone, and that’s definitely something Batman has been accused of in the past.

4. Batman killed the Joker after the villain threatened Superman and his family.

One would have thought that this would have happened a long time ago since the Joker is a continual threat that isn’t bound to stop since he’s so firmly set against Batman. But apparently something within the hero just snapped when the Joker decided to let it be known that he would gladly kill Superman and Lois Lane, and Batman finally did what he had avoided doing for so long, which was ending the Joker’s life in a violent and very final fashion. Maybe the writers had simply grown tired of coming up with ways to let the Joker live and continue to plot the murder and mayhem that he was known so well for.

3. The dark knight was once hooked on venom.

Batman is rich, he’s well-trained, he’s intelligent, and the guy has the stamina and durability that many Olympic athletes would be envious of, and yet he had to take to abusing venom at one point, the same substance that Bane was hooked on for a while. It definitely did wonders since it made him more powerful than ever, but Batman with power is kind of a scary thing since he tends to lose control at times and his sense of justice becomes horribly skewed. To his own credit, he did ask Alfred to lock him in a room for a while so he could come down from the effects, but the initial idea that he would take enhancing drugs was kind of a shock.

2. Civil War, all of it.

Iron Man did have a point, that the heroes needed to be held accountable for the damage they did from time to time while trying to save people. But Captain America also had a point since the idea of needing a hero and having to wait on them as one has to wait on the police would be kind of difficult. It’s tragic that the two sides of this issue couldn’t come to a compromise without suffering loss of life and massive property damage, but it was bound to happen. People that have this kind of power are generally far more destructive than most, even when they mean well. The issue is when they’re allowed to be this destructive without making amends to fix what they’ve destroyed.

1. The Illuminati set the stage for World War Hulk.

The Hulk is a volatile character even on a good day, but it’s been proven in the past that he can be talked down and reasoned with after a while, even when he was in his more bestial moods. But shooting him into space instead of building a retreat where he could gain the help he needs was kind of a drastic move. Granted, the reason for World War Hulk kicking off was the fault of an alien that wanted the savage Hulk to return, but if not for the Illuminati admitting that they were out of ideas it might not have happened in the first place.

Sometimes heroes make some of the biggest mistakes.

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