This Awesome Piano Medley of Music From “Loki”

That’s about what one might expect when trying to listen to something that would define the Loki series in music and to be fair, it was well-received. It’s amazing what a person can derive from a piece of music and how it can fit a show or a movie so well. But Loki is a bit of a complicated character and the music does reflect that a bit since he’s not wholly evil and he’s definitely not good, but he does rest within a certain gray area that’s not so easy to figure out sometimes. During the first season though it’s become obvious to state that Loki has come to change himself in a few ways, even if he’s not going to change entirely. It almost feels as though Loki never had a fair shot to be what he was meant to be, since he was taken from the frost giants to have what might have amounted to a better life in Asgard had Odin been a slightly better father. Between the favoritism given to Thor and the fact that he appeared to have a devious nature that never went away, Loki didn’t have much of a chance to be seen as anything but the villain.

But his heroic side does come out a bit in his own show since perhaps due to the fact that there’s no one else around he kind of has to step up and make good in his own way to ensure that he’s still around for the next act. But when he meets Sylvie, who is essentially a variant of himself, things get kind of weird since she’s so gung-ho when it comes to killing TVA agents and dismantling the TVA when and where she can that she’s almost nothing like Loki. In a sense, she’s who he might have become had he been prodded a little more, and given no choice but to survive. One has to think that Loki, for all his faults and the rough patches in his life, has had things pretty good compared to Sylvie since he’s had a home, a family, someone that actually did care about him, and no TVA agents hounding him constantly as he grew to manhood.

It’s apparent that for a long time the TVA had no trouble with Loki, at least until he stole the Tesseract and decided to jump outside of the Sacred Timeline. Of course, once they had him, Agent Mobius figured that he might be their ticket to hunting down the rogue variant so as to keep the individual from mucking up the Sacred Timeline any further. But as the series went along things began to unravel, and within the music, in this clip, one can almost see the moments as they happened, when Loki and Sylvie first met, and when the TVA was thrown into chaos as timelines began to spin out of control. There was a good deal of trouble in this series but there was heroism as well, as Loki tried to do the right thing as he saw it while Sylvie was all about the chaos of trying to upend the TVA on her own terms. And poor Mobius, who was just trying to do his job and was caught up in all of this, was doing the best he could to keep up and in the end became a part of the system once again just like everyone else, except Loki.

What’s to come in the second season is anyone’s guess at this moment since Sylvie and Loki have been separated once again while Mobius and everyone else is under the impression that things might be a bit upset, but there’s no need to hit the panic button at this time since apparently Kang, He Who Remains, was given leave to do as he wanted once Sylvie killed the version of the man that gave the entire story to her and Loki. Sometimes people are just tired of hearing what they don’t want to hear and are bound to do pretty much anything, even if that includes going back to their initial thought of destruction and mayhem. Amazingly, it wasn’t Loki that caused the problem this time as the Sacred Timeline has started to fracture, but where Sylvie will go from here on out is hard to say.

The music in this clip definitely describes the first season of Loki perfectly as the notes hit the various parts of the story perfectly and bring to mind the images that helped to make this first season so memorable. One can only imagine what’s going to be brought to bear in the second season since there’s bound to be so much happening that it will be wise to pay attention and try not to miss anything. Of course, when that will happen is anyone’s guess at this time.

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