This MCU Theory Claims Loki And Sylvie Could Save The Multiverse

This MCU Theory Claims Loki And Sylvie Could Save The Multiverse

This MCU Theory Claims Loki And Sylvie Could Save The Multiverse

The end of season one of the Loki series definitely left a lot of people with their jaws hanging open and their expectations not exactly shattered but likely fractured beyond belief. At the beginning of this series, one couldn’t help but think that the Loki that everyone is used to and knows to be duplicitous and conniving would somehow find his way to redemption or at the very least find a way to disrupt the TVA in a manner that might make it obvious why he’s known as the god of mischief. But the way that the wool was pulled over pretty much everyone’s eyes right up until the end is hard to deny since at one point everyone was already thinking that Kang the Conqueror, or some version of him, would emerge from the ether, but the manner in which he came to welcome Sylvie and Loki in the citadel was kind of, well, not expected. In the comics, Kang is known as a bit of an egomaniac that doesn’t really spare a lot of time for small talk unless he’s boasting about his conquests and how he’s so much smarter than everyone else. The version that Jonathan Majors managed to bring to life was a surprise, to say the least.

But an even bigger surprise was that Sylvie became the one to fracture the Sacred Timeline, while Loki was the poor sap that was sent back to a timeline where he’ll have to start from square one since no one recognizes him and his story is bound to be less than believable once again. The reset that Sylvie unwittingly caused has had a serious blowback as the Time Keepers are now gone and Kang, or a much more forceful variant, has taken over and the TVA is back up and running as it was. What happens between seasons 1 and 2 is already being rumored to have an effect on the rest of the MCU since as it’s easy to guess, the timelines are pretty dependent on the type of order that was imposed to keep from fracturing even further.

How this will be remedied by Loki and Sylvie, as the theory goes, is kind of difficult to see since it involves quite a bit of work and a lot of imagination on the part of the writers to fix things in a way that will not only bring the MCU back into line but also keep things running smoothly once that point is reached. It’s been stated that Loki will show up in the next Doctor Strange movie, so it’s not hard to think that there will be a bit of crossover that will occur thanks to the manner in which this story is being told, but one has to wonder how extensive the crossover event will be, or if it will remain as isolated as possible. That would be a great deal of crossover to think about since it would involve a lot of work to inject Loki and possibly Sylvie into the MCU in a way that will see them pop up as often as possible to fix things or to possibly make them worse. How it’s going to go at this time is hard to say since the two might be kept on the periphery of the movies and shows that are currently upcoming since to do otherwise might mean a lack of sense that would be noticed by the fans.

In other words, if the events in the Loki series really are going to muck up the MCU it might be that we’ll see this in the form of the multiverse being assaulted in a way that will be seen in the next season and in select areas of the franchise where it will be easier to accept Loki’s presence since it won’t confuse the fans as much. The implications of this series and how it can impact the rest of the MCU are simply too much to be believed at this time since it’s a lot to think about. At this point, it’s enough to wonder just how Sylvie is going to make her way back. It’s true that she managed to bypass Alioth, but it’s also true that she needed Loki to do this. There are too many questions and not enough answers at this point, hence the need for theories.

When Loki season 2 arrives, which is amazing since his is the first show to do this, it’s bound to happen that we’ll have more questions, more theories, and be in search of even more answers. But at the very least, it won’t be boring. How Loki and Sylvie will find their way back to each other can likely be thought up in many different ways, but while others theorize, many will wait impatiently to see how it all pans out.

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