These Are the Five Oldest Star Wars Characters

These Are the Five Oldest Star Wars Characters

These Are the Five Oldest Star Wars Characters

One has to think whether we’re talking current canon or Legends canon when it comes to who is the oldest in Star Wars since across the years there have been novels, comic books, movies, video games, and animated series that have shown a wide range of individuals and groups that have been around for quite a while. But when narrowing it down, even taking into consideration everyone that’s come along, there are a few that stand out. It’s not too amazing to think that Yoda and Maz Kanata are still younglings compared to some of these names, and it’s also easy to think that some folks won’t remember a couple of these since they either didn’t know them to start with or have forgotten them after a while. But the truth of it is that Star Wars is an old, old galaxy and has featured many upon many stories since it started up and the consciousness of the first beings was realized. Because of that, it’s kind of hard to tell just how old some beings are and to put a number on others that have been around long enough to see civilizations rise and crumble. But for the purpose of this list, it’s going to be seen that those who have remained ‘alive’ and are therefore older will be taken on the basis that they were never vanquished or killed until they were positively ancient.

With that in mind, here are a few of the oldest beings in the Star Wars universe.

5. Exar Kun

This might feel like a bit of a cheat since Exar Kun, a former Jedi turned Sith in the Legends canon, existed as a spirit in a temple on Yavin 4 for thousands of years and eventually wreaked havoc with Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Order. But with the help of his students, the spirit was overcome and finally banished. The reason Exar Kun makes the list is because he essentially cheated death by remaining bound to the material plane as a spirit, as he was never killed or vanquished until the moment he attempted to best Luke’s students and found that their combined power was greater than his own.

4. Jedi Master Ood Bnar

A person would need to read the comics in order to understand this story and since they’re no longer part of the current canon they too would be seen as less than useful. But Ood was a sentient being that was kind of like Groot from the MCU and spent millennia in suspended animation before coming back to life. So essentially he’s another cheat in a way, but technically he was alive, even if he wasn’t entirely active during that time. There have been a lot of long-lived Jedi and Sith that have come along, but while suspended animation might not count in the eyes of some folks, the individuals were alive, but not active.

3. Huyang

Huyang was actually a professor at the Jedi temple, and as a droid, he’d been an important part of the temple since he’d overseen the construction of the lightsaber that many Jedi had to use. Apparently, he’d been around for thousands of generations of Jedi, so it’s fair to say that he had seen quite a bit and been through a lot since during one mission he actually had his head and arms removed, but was repaired not long after. One can easily imagine that Huyang has the kind of patience that only a droid could have since there were so many Jedi that came and went that a flesh and blood being might think of moving on to see other things at some point.

2. Abeloth

This character is hard to quantify as a character, but Abeloth has been sheer chaos in the Star Wars universe since she’s a creature that has such a high level of proficiency in the Force that she has been known to challenge the Father, Son, and Daughter on occasion. Thankfully they’re usually able to contain her for a while, but as a being of pure chaos that hardly ever sits still, Aboleth brought little more than destruction to whatever and whoever she touched. and seeing as how the Father, Son, and Daughter were a part of the Clone Wars in some way, it should be allowable to say that she’s part of the current canon.

1. Father, Son, Daughter

The three aspects of the Force, minus Abeloth, who at one point became the Mother, this trio had to be mentioned together since all three of them are of such an indeterminate age that it’s hard to say whether they’ve been around since the galaxy was formed or shortly after since they’re immortal and all-powerful in many ways. They were the ones that would eventually shape the Force and guide its direction, which, after watching them, would explain how things became so imbalanced after a while.

With the Star Wars franchise, the older you get, the more mysterious and respected you tend to be.

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