There’s a Phoebe Theory from Friends You Should Know About

There’s a Phoebe Theory from Friends You Should Know About

For 10 years, Friends was one of the most popular sitcoms on TV. People just couldn’t get enough of the group of close-knit friends who managed to maintain the perfect balance between hilarious and heartwarming. Even now, well over a decade since the show aired its final episode, Friends continues to have a devoted fan base of people from all over the world. In fact, there are some Friends fans who have watched the show so many times that feel they know everything there is to know about the popular sitcom. However, there’s a theory about Phoebe that lots of people probably haven’t considered. Even if you consider yourself an expert on all things Friends, you might still find yourself learning something new thanks to this fan theory. Keep reading to learn more about this interesting theory about Phoebe from Friends.

A Quick Refresher On Phoebe

It’s been a while since Friends was on the air, so some people may need a little reminder on who Phoebe was. Played by Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe was what most people would consider a free spirit. Kudrow also played Phoebe’s twin sister, Ursula, who worked as a waitress. Lisa also played the role of Ursula in the series Mad About You which originally aired from 1992 to 1999.

Phoebe didn’t have the easiest upbringing which resulted in her adopted a childlike upbringing which may have been her attempt to shield herself from the realities of the world. She was a massage therapist who also aspired to be a musician. Despite her dreams, it quickly becomes clear to viewers that she may not necessarily have the skillset to make it in the music industry. As the series progressed, viewers got the chance to witness Phoebe in a wide variety of interesting situations and she even had a couple of love interests.

The Details On The Fan Theory Involving Phoebe

Anyone who has ever gotten really into a show has probably found themselves coming up with theories about the characters or the overall storyline. While some of these theories can be completely out of the left-field, others have some serious merit.

A Twitter user named strnks started this theory back in 2015 when he wrote a tweet suggesting that the entirety of friends was nothing more than a hallucination on Phoebe’s part. He tweeted “I’d have ended Friends by revealing that it was all a meth-addled fantasy of a homeless Phoebe while she stared through the window of Central Perk.” He went on to say, “The final scene would be Phoebe walking away from Central Perk with the Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Monica characters making reference to “the crazy lady who always stares at us”. They all have different names and personalities.”

Fortunately for Phoebe’s character, strnks theory doesn’t come close to how the show really ended. Instead, the series came to a close on a positive note that didn’t involve Phoebe being in a drug-induced stooper. But you have to give him credit for having such a wild imagination.

As you can guess, this theory caused a lot of conversation on Twitter. Some fans weren’t really feeling strnks idea, but others thought his theory would’ve been a great way to end the show. Even though the tweet is more than five years old at this point, lots of people have chimed in over the years. Even Marta Kauffman, who created the series, shared her input. According to Refinery 29, Kauffman said, ” [T]hat’s a terrible theory. That’s insane!” she told ET. “That’s, like, that’s like crazy alt-television theory. Wow!” She also added that strnks needs to get a life.

What Will Phoebe Be Up To In The Friends Reunion Special?

Over the last several years, lots of shows from the 90s and early 2000s have been getting reboots, and it seemed like only a matter of time before Friends joined the list. Although a complete reboot of the series is still unclear, there have been official announcements about a Friends reunion special coming to HBO Max. A release date has yet to be revealed since filming had to be pushed back to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No matter when the special airs, though, lots of people are excited to get to see their favorite Friends on screen together one more time. Now that this theory about Phoebe has been so widely circulated around the internet, there are some fans who are hoping she gets the chance to address it. Even if she doesn’t, though, it’ll still be cool to know what Phoebe has been doing after all this time.

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