Remember When PBS Kids Show Arthur Parodied South Park?

Remember When PBS Kids Show Arthur Parodied South Park?

Remember When PBS Kids Show Arthur Parodied South Park?

You might recall that last week The Late Show did a pretty awesome bit that recalled the theme song to the kids show Arthur.  Ziggy Marley and Chance the Rapper performed the infectious song live and the audience (and viewers from the show loved it).  So even though it’s Monday and I’m still trying to get the song out of my head, others like me must have been thinking about Arthur non-stop.   Speaking of which, someone on Reddit just reminded us of the time that PBS actually decided to parody South Park.

We all know how common it is for South Park to parody other shows but it’s rare, let alone from a PBS kids show to be parodying South Park.  I’m guessing that Trey Parker and Matt stone must have loved this.  They say that with kids shows to stray from boredom, writers and producers like to insert adult references every once in a while to keep things fresh.  This makes perfect sense given that when a kids show is on there’s a 99% likelihood that they are watching the show with their parents.

Naturally it makes sense for the show to keep things lively and entertaining for the parents as much as they possibly can.  If any parents were watching Arthur on PBS with their kids that day, they got treated to an entire sequence dedicated to making the adults in the room smile.

Check it out below!

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