There’s a New “The Office” Cookbook That Lets You Cook like Dwight Schrute

The American version of The Office is easily one of the most popular shows of the 2000s/the 2010s. Full of dry humor and relatable workplace moments, the series continues to get lots of attention well over a decade since its last episode. While the show may be off the air, the brand is still going strong. Fan of The Office will be happy to know that they officially have the opportunity to cook like one of the show’s most famous characters, Dwight Schrute. The new cookbook, Beet This: An Unofficial Schrute Farms Cookbook, is full of recipes inspired by Dwight, and you might just fall in love with all of them. Let’s talk about the new cookbook based on Dwight Schrute from The Office.

What Kind Of Recipes Can You Expect?

If you’ve watched a decent amount of The Office, then you know that Dwight Schrute really likes beets. In fact, he even inherited a 60-acre beet farm from his grandfather. Dwight and his cousin work on the farm and sell their beets at local markets. Throughout the course of the show, Dwight’s love for beets is a big part of his character.

As a result, the cookbook only has recipes that include beets as an ingredient. It’s no secret that beets aren’t the most popular food in the world, so I know there are some people out there who are already cringing, Although the authors, Tyanni Niles, Keith Riegert, and Sam Kaplan, have done their best to be creative and offer a wide range of dish ideas, this cookbook definitely isn’t for everyone. On the bright side, though, beets are pretty healthy. You may be able to use this book to step your healthy eating game up while also paying homage to one of your favorite shows.

In the forward of the book, Niles, Riegert, and Kaplan wrote:

“After years of thinking about it, we finally summoned the courage to write this book—a parody and homage to Dwight Schrute and his family’s rich history as the purveyors of Schrute Farms, the most respected and storied beet farm in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. To get started, we asked ourselves one main question: What would a family cookbook look like if the Schrute family passed recipes down from one generation to the next, and then the next?”

Who Are The Authors?

Beet This: An Unofficial Schrute Farms Cookbook may be somewhat of a joke, but that doesn’t mean that the people behind the book aren’t serious about their craft. We weren’t able to find any information on Sam Kaplan (probably because his name is fairly common), but we do know that Tyanni Niles and Keith Riegert are no strangers to the publishing world. Tyanni is based in Brooklyn and appears to have been writing for quite some time. However, it does appear that this cookbook is the first book she’s published. According to her bio on the Ulysess Press website, “Tyanni Niles enjoys writing short stories and flash fiction. In her spare time”.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Keith is the executive vice president and publisher at Ulysses Press. In the about section of his profile, he writes, “I’ve worked in books for the past decade because I genuinely love books and care about the future of the industry.” He is also an adjunct professor at New York University.

The project was obviously a labor of love for those involved, and it’s clear that they are genuinely diehard fans of the show. It’s unclear, however, if they all personally like beets or if they just decided this would be an interesting angle to take. My guess would be that it was the ladder. Beet This: An Unofficial Schrute Farms Cookbook was released at the end of July 2021 and is available through several popular book retailers including Amazon and Walmart. At the moment, there don’t appear to be any reviews for the book.

This Isn’t The First Office Themed Cookbook

Beet This: An Unofficial Schrute Farms Cookbook isn’t the first time that fans of The Office have been so inspired by the show that they’ve written a cookbook. Over the years, several cookbooks have come out including The Office Cookbook: For the Working-Class Humans, The Office: The Official Party Planning Guide to Planning Parties: Authentic Parties, Recipes, and Pranks from The Dundies to Kevin’s Famous Chili, and Office Cookbook: Lots Of Easy Comfort Recipes With The Office Theme For Fans And Anyone Exploring Cooking Fun. It’s important to note that none of these books are officially affiliated with the show.

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