The Watterson Family: Explained

credit: The Amazing World of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball is colorful animated series featuring Gumball, a blue anthropomorphic cat, and Darwin, an orange fish with legs. The show resembles a family reality show but in the third person. That means, it had the vibe that the audience was watching the day-to-day life of a family, but the family being watched wasn’t interacting (at most times) with the camera or the filming crew. It also featured a unique art style by casting some three-dimensional characters into a two-dimensional drawn background.

Today, we’ll look over the members of the iconic Watterson family, the family around which the series mostly revolved.

credit: The Amazing World of Gumball

1. Gumball

He is the first child of the Watterson family. His father is a pink rabbit, and his mother is a blue cat. It is apparent that he inherited his mother’s physical trait (i.e., being a cat). He is also the protagonist of the series.

Gumball is a very happy and optimistic cat. This was shown in one of the episodes where his family had severely run out of money. He insisted that they should not sell their dignity for money. He was also hopeful that they could still survive and that they would be able to experience better days ahead of them.

He can also be described as crafty, as he was always able to quickly come up with solutions to random problems they encountered. In one episode, for instance, when a monster invaded their school, he was quick to come up with that the only way to defeat the monster was to feed it lots of candy.

2. Darwin

Darwin was Gumball’s former pet goldfish. As time passed by, he began to grow legs and arms, adapt to life outside of the water, and gradually learned to speak. He was eventually adopted into the Watterson family.

His personality can be described as bubbly and goofy. He had the vibe of being positive most of the time and was always happy. He always tried to make and keep everyone happy as well.

Darwin is the moral guardian of the family. In the very first episode of the series, for instance, when Gumball decided to pirate a video and burn it on a DVD, Darwin advocated against it and asked to resolve their problem in a way that did not involve piracy.

3. Anais

Anais is a small pink bunny and is the youngest in the Watterson family. Being a bunny from a family of rabbit and cat parents, it appeared that she inherited her father’s “rabbit-ness.” On the other hand, her brother Gumball inherited her mother’s form.

She is often perceived as the most mature of the three children of the Watterson family, despite being the youngest. She also studies at a higher grade level than Gumball and Darwin because of her innate intelligence.

Moreover, she can be regarded as the most responsible and diligent of the children. She always looks after her older brothers and takes responsibility for everything she does.

credit: The Amazing World of Gumball

4. Nicole

Nicole is the mother of the family. Like her son Gumball, she also appears as a blue cat. She is hardworking and keeps the family together, and is easily pissed off when everything goes out of control. Speaking of hardworking, she works as a saleswoman at Rainbow Factory.

She is also stronger than how she appears with her statute. In several episodes, she manifested her sporty self by showing off her martial arts skills. She is a great runner as well, considering he had run after Gumball and Darwin multiple times because of their mischief.

5. Richard

Richard is the father of the Watterson family. Most viewers can see him being the opposite of his wife, being too childish and spontaneous in contrast to Nicole’s calm and hardworking demeanor.

He is also playful and sometimes bites into the mischievous acts proposed by Gumball and Darwin, adding further chaos to the family. He can also be quite of a prankster himself, as shown in “The Laziest.”

In the said episode, Gumball, Darwin, and Richard dared each other to find out who was the laziest of them all. The rule was simple, he who left the couch the last was the winner. After fighting so hard, he decided to let the boys win upon hearing Nicole’s car parked outside. He pretended that he worked hard with the household chores and that the kids were just chilling all day, making Nicole side with him and let the boys do his chores instead.


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