The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 7 Review: “Mommie Dearest”

The Vampire Diaries

There is no limit to the crazy storylines on The Vampire Diaries this season.  Without spelling it out for us, there were so many glaring hints thrown in our faces about the mystery vampire hunter that now I have come to the latest, most unbelievable theory yet.  More on that later!

To set the scene of the flashbacks, it was Thanksgiving 1851.  Giuseppe Salvatore sits at the head of the table with Lily, Damon, and Stefan.  We’re seeing this particular traumatic experience through the boys’ perspective as they try to break through to Lily that she’s got a bad habit of attracting abusive men.  I was so glad to see Lily finally come around in the end to the realization that Julian is just as bad a man as her husband.  Of course, it’s too late, now that she’s linked herself to him in order to protect him from her sons.  Long story short, I think Mama Salvatore is going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice and kill herself in order to save her sons when the time comes.  

I won’t be sorry to see Lily go, though, because there’s a new generation on the way.  Caroline and Alaric are confused as to why pregnancy tests are all showing up negative, which actually makes sense considering she’s not a human.  She said it herself, that she was supposedly “mystically knocked up,” yet she experiences morning sickness just to add to the confusion.  When they decide to get an ultrasound, even that shows up blank.  The real kicker here is when Valerie shows up and undoes a cloaking spell on the babies.  Yup, Caroline is confirmed pregnant!  If it weren’t for Valerie, I wonder how she would have ever known.  Would she have experienced labor pains and given birth to invisible babies?  

Valerie has a lot of knowledge and interest in Caroline’s situation because – no surprise here – she tried it herself before Julian attacked her many moons ago.  That right there was the giveaway for another as-yet-unexplained loophole that somehow her spell did work, and Stefan and Valerie’s daughter survived.  Somewhere along the way she grew up to about the same age as her parents before she was also turned into a vampire.  Now she’s coming back for justice.  All the clues add up.  Well, most of the clues at least point to Stefan as being the main target.  He didn’t know Valerie was pregnant back then, nor did he know the baby possibly survived.  If anything, the daughter should be going after Valerie first.

There’s still a handful of things to be resolved before the inevitable reveal of the hunter’s identity.  For starters, Julian and/or Beau are responsible for the compelled humans congregated in the high school and diner.  Oddly enough, they aren’t being fed on yet.  They’re just being fed, like Matt literally finds steaks and all kinds of good food containers in the trash.  Julian must have a Thanksgiving type feast of his own in mind.  Maybe just in time for the winter finale.

What did you think of the episode of The Vampire Diaries?  

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