The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 Review: “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime”

The Vampire Diaries

Everything was almost perfect until the very end of The Vampire Diaries this week.  Damon decided he genuinely wants to take the cure on Jo and Ric’s wedding day.  So what could go wrong?  Literally everything has changed now that Kai and friends are back from their imprisonment.

Elena inexplicably remains the maid of honor at the wedding, even though Jo’s sister Liv did show up.  Other than an awkward run-in with Tyler, she’s laying low so far.  That might all change now that Kai made his show-stopping appearance, but it’s doubtful.  Tyler and Liv did nothing but prove they’re actually made for each other.  They’re both stubborn and would rather avoid accepting their own blame in what went wrong in their relationship.  If (and that’s a big if) Tyler survives, he should at least be written off to live as close to a normal life with Liv as possible.  There’s plenty of chemistry left between them, but it’s way too boring and irrelevant to the rest of the drama on the show.

Back to the wedding prep, Caroline returns home just in time for the wedding planner to fall sick.  I don’t know why Caroline is wasting time majoring in acting because it’s obvious she’s found her true calling in life as a wedding planner.  When she’s not bossing her friends around with various errands for the big day, she’s making the rounds on her apology tour.  Elena and Tyler were the only friends she got to speak with so far, appropriately enough since they’re the two characters leaving the show.  She didn’t technically count Stefan in her list of friends because he’s clearly so much more than that.  Once he made her stop avoiding him, Stefan and Caroline shared a necessary and honest conversation.  Basically they both admitted they’ve fallen in love with each other.  Of course, this scares Caroline, and she’s choosing to run away from her feelings yet again.  I’m not worried about them at all, though.  This very minor complication is nothing, and they’ll at least be the only characters left with a somewhat positive ending next week.

Before catching up with Care, Stefan spent the day with Damon at Elena’s insistence.  He was instructed to really help Damon sort out his feelings about becoming human again.  He got pretty morbid there for a bit, getting into Damon’s head with a possible future of his human life if Elena were to die before him.  I get that Stefan and Elena want Damon to do this for himself, but I think their approach was a little drastic.  By highlighting all that could go wrong, they forgot to mention the possibility of a long and happy life together.  Fortunately, Damon considered this when he saw an elderly couple still in love with each other much later in life.

Of course, life isn’t a fairy-tale, so Damon and Elena probably won’t get that happy ending.  Especially not after the shocking events at the wedding.  Along with probably killing his unborn niece/nephew(s) and sister, Kai showed no mercy to anyone in attendance, leaving a vulnerable human Elena at least knocked unconscious.

This could go a few different ways.  Either Elena dies immediately from injuries at the wedding (which is unlikely since she’s deserving of a bigger sendoff), or she lives long enough to say her goodbyes to friends.  The most likely scenario is she recovers, but Damon sacrifices their future human life together so that she’d be safer in the long run.  Stefan mentioned they would have to go into hiding for fear of vampires getting wind of the cure running through their veins.  Maybe Damon would compel Elena to forget about him and their friends in Mystic Falls, just for good measure, before sending her away to be safe.  I just don’t see him actually going through with taking the cure now with the threat of Kai and Lily’s Heretics on the loose.  They’ll need all the supernatural fighting defenses possible.

Notable quotables:

-”Uh-oh! Elena’s human again. Am I sensing another brother swap?” Stefan’s got jokes!

-”I was gonna wait til the ‘death do us part’ bit but that seemed a little on the nose.” -Kai, moments after fatally stabbing Jo on the altar.

How do you think this is all going to play out next week in the Season 6 finale?  

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