The Vampire Diaries 2.05 “Kill or Be Killed” Recap

Sweet Mother of GOD! The Vampire Diaries deserves an around of applause for an outstanding episode tonight! It’s only episode five and we have not one, but two game changing incidents on our hands! So enough blabbering, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

One Year Earlier

Mason sits having a drink in a Florida bar. He gets up to leave and a guy follows him. The guy, named Jim, pushes Mason, accusing him of sleeping with his girlfriend, which Mason denies. Jim won’t let up and starts attacking Mason to the point where Mason has to defend himself, but accidently ends up killing Jim in the process. Curse triggered, life altered… in more ways than one.

The Present

As Mason recounts the story to Tyler, he warns his nephew that the life of a werewolf isn’t one worth pursuing. He asks Tyler to uphold his part of the deal and present the moonstone. Tyler acts as if the moonstone might be in his dad’s hiding spot in the floor, which Mason checks and doesn’t find it. Tyler continues to play dumb. Uh-oh…

Another Mystic Falls Event, Another Round of Terror Pt. 1

Elena fills Jeremy in on the latest supernatural happenings of Mystic Falls, including Tyler’s werewolf lineage. Jeremy wants in on the action, but Elena says no. Stefan shows up later and the two talk about putting on another front to throw Caroline off the scent so she won’t report anything to Katherine.

Meanwhile, Caroline finds out that Sheriff Forbes has taken off to spend time with her at the Historical Society Picnic and can’t reserve her bile at the aspect of her mom playing “mom.” After Sheriff Forbes questions why “Elena” was there the night before, she mentions that Caroline seems different somehow. Caroline brushes her off in the coldest manner possible.

At the picnic, Stefan tries to offer a truce to Mason, but to the resident wolf, it’s three moons too late. Stefan then flexes his muscle, telling Mason to back off. Damon shows up afterwards and whines about Stefan interfering with his latest project.

Mason runs to Sheriff Forbes to talk about the Council and the truth about vampires. Then he does the unthinkable. He reveals the Salvatore Brothers as vampires to the Sheriff, who doesn’t believe Mason, citing friendship and Damon’s vamp slaying as her backup. Mason asks to just let him prove it to her. What the..?

Elena and Caroline talk about Sheriff Forbes, but Caroline shifts the convo to Elena and Stefan, fishing for info. Elena plays her role and Caroline eats it up. Damon talks to Sheriff Forbes, who acts strangely towards him. She blames it on Caroline, but we know the truth. Despite that, Damon confronts Caroline about being mean to her mother, while Stefan and Elena play their roles as fighting lovers. Caroline falls for the ruse, but Damon isn’t buying it.

When he confronts Stefan about the fake out, Damon sips on some lemonade, which he finds out is spiked with vervain. As he goes down, Stefan helps him and Sheriff Forbes watches from afar. Mason has delivered his proof. OMG!

Another Mystic Falls Event, Another Round of Terror Pt. 2

Caroline runs to console Elena about the “fight”, but right before Caroline can come clean about being Katherine’s spy, she spots Sheriff Forbes leaving for a “job.” Caroline knows something is up. Meanwhile, Stefan calms down Damon, who is ready to rip Mason’s throat out. The two prepare to follow Mason into the woods. When they reach him, they are ambushed by Sheriff Forbes and her men, who shoot the brothers with wooden bullets and injects them with vervain. Caroline hears this with her super hearing. She tells Elena and they run to the noise.

Mason guides the Sheriff and her men to the old Lockwood basement/dungeon where Sheriff Forbes plans on taking out the Salvatore brothers. She makes Mason leave. When Caroline and Elena get close to the hideout, they come across Mason, who quickly sniffs out that Caroline is a vampire. He grabs Elena, threatening to snap her neck, but Caroline takes Mason down and beats the crap out of him. They leave him unconscious and run to the Salvatore brothers scent.

Inside the basement, Stefan is out cold, but Damon is still fighting the bullets and vervain. Sheriff Forbes tries to probe answers out of Damon, but he doesn’t budge. Outside Caroline and Elena make it to the basement’s entrance, but Caroline doesn’t want to go in out of fear of being revealed to her mother. Elena goes in anyway and shocks Sheriff Forbes and crew. Then, the best scene of The Vampire Diaries so far goes down.

A blur enters the cave, spooking the Sheriff and her men. Then Caroline takes out both cops, drinking from one officer and knocking the other out cold. Then she hides in the shadows, but soon slowly comes out and slowly devamps as she faces her shocked and horrified mother.

“Hi, Mom…”

Screaming. Applause. And more screaming. All coming from me.

She’s Not My Daughter Anymore

As Stefan regains his strength, Damon tries to get him to drink some of the deputies’ blood. Stefan refuses. Sheriff Forbes is disgusted, but when Damon asks what to do with her, Caroline tries to get her mother to keep their secret. She refuses and would rather accept death than deal with what is going on in front of her. Luckily, Damon doesn’t want to kill the Sheriff, because she’s his “friend.”

They decide to hold the Sheriff in the Salvatore dungeon until the vervain leaves her system, which will let them compel her into forgetting the day’s incidents. She has one request: keep Caroline away from her. Damon begs to differ, but the Sheriff declares her “daughter is gone.” Caroline overhears this and runs away.

When Elena returns from looking for Caroline, she spots Stefan over Damon’s human blood stash. He wants to drink it to help strengthen himself against Katherine, but Elena is against the idea, although she thinks he’s playing the ruse again. When she realize that he is being serious, she walks away, disappointed.

Elena catches up with Caroline, who reveals her duplicity and that she’s scared to return home due to Katherine waiting on her. Caroline asks what does Katherine want, but Elena declares that’s the million dollar question.

Later, Elena talks with Damon and mentions that not killing Sheriff Forbes is the Damon she’s friends with. In return, Damon relays that Stefan didn’t drink the human blood, however, that doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t drink it to get stronger. Elena finds Stefan and asks him if he can handle it. He says he doesn’t know, but anything is possible. Agreeing on little drops of blood a day, Elena states that she doesn’t want Stefan to do it alone. She offers her drops of blood to Stefan, who accepts it and doesn’t kill her in the process. Mission halfway accomplished!

The Supernatural Odd Couple

Jeremy spots Tyler at the Grill and tries to make small talk. Tyler acts like douche at first, but realizes Jeremy is trying to be a friend. The two talk until Aimee (the girl Caroline compelled in “Bad Moon Rising”) and her friend Sarah (Desperate Housewives’ Maiara Walsh) asks to join them. Tyler decides to take their party back to his house and invites Jeremy along for the ride.

While partying it up at the Lockwood Mansion, Sarah comes across Jeremy’s sketch book. They beg for him to show his drawings, but Jeremy is reluctant. Then Tyler joins in the begging and wishes that he hadn’t when Jeremy’s sketches are all revealed to be of werewolves. Tyler asks Jeremy into his father’s study where he shoves Jeremy against the wall until Jeremy reveals that he knows about Tyler’s condition. Just when you think Tyler will snap Jeremy’s neck, he doesn’t! Phew!

Instead, Tyler asks about how does Jeremy know everything. Jeremy doesn’t disclose his source, but uses a damn good cover in his uncle’s old journals. Plus, Jeremy reveals that Matt’s “wolf attack” was the same night that Mason returned to town on a full moon. Tyler vents about his whole condition and reveals to Jeremy what Mason told him. He then brings up the moonstone and the two wonder about what it’s purpose is. Tyler says he’s holding the moonstone for leverage for sniffing out what Mason really is about. Just then Aimee and Sarah come in, drunk, and grabs the moonstone, wanting to play. Sarah takes the moonstone and runs up the steps. Fed up, Tyler runs behind her to retrieve the stone and while Tyler tries to fish it off her, Sarah falls down the steps and lands hard on the landing. Nooooo!

Jeremy, Aimee and Tyler began to freak out. Jeremy shares a look with Tyler, whose doom is imminent. Luckily, Sarah is just playing and she gets up, perfectly OK. Phew!

Mason returns home later that night and is confronted by Tyler, who admits that he doesn’t want any part of the curse at all after what happened earlier. Tyler then ups the stone to Mason, who looks like he just struck gold. Hmmm….

Twisty Ending

In the woods, Mason makes his way to a car who has none other than KATHERINE in it! She says she’s been waiting and we flash back for a second to the fateful night Mason sealed his fate as a werewolf. Just happens that Katherine was there as well and was the one who told poor Jim that Mason hit on his girlfriend. Get the hell out! She’s been plotting this the entire time!

Katherine scolds Mason for playing with the Salvatores earlier, because she wants him to stay focus at the task at hand, which is retrieving the moonstone. When Mason reveals that he got it, Katherine swoons and the two kiss passionately.

Jaw on the floor. Dead over here.

Now for the next bombshell: the show will not be back until two weeks from now. Die amongst yourselves, now!

Stay tuned for Emma Fraser’s review!!!

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