The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 17 Review: “A Bird in a Gilded Cage”

The Vampire Diaries

As usual, there’s lots to discuss about this week’s The Vampire Diaries.  Between the steamy hook-up scenes of fan favorite couples and the official introduction of Lily Salvatore, this was a packed episode.

Humanity-free Caroline somehow convinced Stefan to switch his emotions off, but something tells me she was not expecting Ripper Stefan to be this bad.  Before he flipped his switch, he asked Elena to make sure she brings him back.  Why wouldn’t she at least try that before resorting to time- and dimension-traveling with Damon to rescue Mama Salvatore, who just so happens to be a notorious Ripper herself?  I have to place equal blame on Damon, who pointed out to Elena that the solution to one problem is not unleashing a potentially worse problem on the world.  Despite that observation, his next thought was to call on his witch friends for their help.

Bonnie suffered for months when she was stuck alone with Kai in his prison world.  It’s perfectly logical that she exacts her revenge on him when he was least expecting it. And yet, I actually felt bad for Kai when Bonnie purposely left him behind in the 1903 world.  Little did she know or care about the desiccated vampires also stuck there.  Chris Wood is booked to be in Julie Plec’s new series so it’s not a surprise that he’d be leaving TVD, but I sincerely hope this wasn’t the last we see of Kai.  In terms of villains, Kai started out as the worst psychopathic witch imaginable.  Maybe the mistake was in merging him with Luke, whose personality really softened him up.

Then again, it might work out for the better that this was Kai’s sendoff, however anticlimactic it was.  Enzo is another villainous character introduced last season who overstayed his welcome.  Seriously, what purpose does he serve now besides stalking poor Sarah Salvatore?  He literally admitted that he’s tired of playing games.  Exactly, Enzo!  Because you were the only one playing all along.  Damon hasn’t spoken to him since he returned from the dead, and Stefan had no time to react to the news that he roped Sarah into Caroline’s evil plan before he switched his humanity off.  Bottom line is Enzo and Sarah – or whoever she actually is if she’s not the REAL Sarah Salvatore – both need to skip town and leave the show.  Come back when it’s only absolutely necessary.

Speaking of (un)necessary plot points, the cure is back.  Can you sense the sarcasm?  I thought that cursed cure was never to be spoken of again after it was worn out in Season 4.  Bonnie grabbed it when she was traveling to Silas’ tomb in 1994 to return home anyway, thinking it would be a nice present for Damon.  As of right now, Bonnie and Damon are the only people who know about its return, and I hope it stays that way.  Damon can and should tell Elena before deciding what’s best for her, but then again she would not hesitate to blab about it to everyone else.  Right now, I think their best option is to bury it somewhere far away but that’s not going to happen.

The episode really wasn’t all that bad aside from those notable eye roll-worthy moments.  It’s always fun to see Ripper Stefan and especially now in contrast to Caroline’s darker side.  Steroline fans are surely loving their scene against the vending machine.  Even Alaric and Jo’s few scenes where they started discussing baby names were cute.  They don’t have much else going for them now that they’re the most normal couple on this show, she being an average witch and he being a human.  Of course, the pregnancy will probably offer plenty of drama as it progresses, so for now, I’ll appreciate the real and human aspect of their relationship.

Notable quotables:

-”The truth is you’ve been a pawn in a game I’ve now lost interest in playing.” -Enzo to Sarah.  It’s about time because we’ve lost interest in watching this “game” of yours!

-”Damon must be up to something good if he sent the B-team.” -Stefan commenting on the unlikely pairing of Enzo and Alaric working together

What did you think of “A Bird in a Gilded Cage”?  

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