The Vampire Diaries 1.15 “A Few Good Men” Recap

The Vampire Diaries 1.15 “A Few Good Men” Recap

The Vampire Diaries is back for the next seven weeks straight. Need I say more?!??

The Set Up… Or Should I Say ‘A Quick Bite’?

A hiker walks alone in the woods in broad daylight and before I think he is about to come across a pile of dead bodies or something, he instead comes across the African-American vampire that escaped the tomb back in “Fool Me Once”. The vamp’s name is Harper (Sterling Sulieman) and he asks the puzzled hiker what the dat was. After Harper gets his answer, he apologizes to the guy before draining his neck. He also has a ring on that is clearly one of Emily’s rings of protection against the sun.

Welcome Back, The Vampire Diaries!

Unholy Trinity: Elena’s Mother, Alaric’s Vengeance, and Damon’s Newfound Lease on Life

Jenna reveals to Elena information about her birth mother Isobel, which consisted of the fact that she went to Duke and that there is a possibility that Isobel is the same as Alaric’s “deceased” wife. But the photos tell the audience that they ARE the same and we wait for everything to come into fruition.

Elena reports this to Stefan, who holds back the fact that Damon feed, and possibly killed, Isobel. Stefan connects this to Alaric’s story and later tries to see if Damon really knows Isobel. Damon, who has resorted to partying (and feeding) off sorority girls as a means of getting over Katherine, claims that with all the women he’s been through, he can’t possibly recognize dear old Isobel without seeing her.

Meanwhile, Elena decides to visit the only person Jenna found who knew Isobel around Elena’s birth, Trudie Peterson (Amanda Detmer). Trudie is shocked when Elena reveals who she is but we are shocked to notice that Trudie pays attention to Elena entering her house as if she was a vamp. Hmmm. Trudie reveals that she hadn’t spoke to Isobel in 17 years and that Isobel was indeed pregnant when she last saw her. Elena also asks for the identity of her real father, but Trudie couldn’t get that info out of Isobel, which is a blatant lie. Another mystery? Hmmm…. While Trudie makes tea, she secretly texts someone that Elena is there. Could it be Elena’s real father? Or Isobel? Trudie tries to get Elena to drink her tea and when Elena does, she recognizes the smell of vervain in the brew. WHAT?!!!?! Elena demands to know what does Trudie know about vampires, but the woman throws Elena out of her house. As Elena walks to her car, a strange man stands in the middle of the street watching her. Elena freaks and drives away. The strange man goes to Trudie’s house and talks to her about what all did Elena learn. After Trudie says that she kept her word, didn’t reveal too much to Elena, and that Elena knows of the existence of vampires, the man kills Trudie. Wow.

Back in Mystic Falls, the town is getting ready for a bachelor’s auction thrown together by the Council. Jenna entered Alaric intoThe Vampire Diaries 1.15 “A Few Good Men” Recap the contest and after a kiss, Jenna feels guilty and reveals to Alaric her discovery. The man is shocked, because Isobel never told him about having children. Stunned, Alaric walks off and goes into flashback mode where he remembers Isobel explaining her research to him and he not believing her.

Alaric meets up with Stefan and they exchange info about Elena knowing everything, including Alaric’s role in Mystic Falls, but not Damon’s role. Alaric wants to talk to Damon, but Stefan warns him that Damon might kill Alaric and not flinch in the process. Stefan then gets a pic of Isobel from Alaric to present to Damon.

Sheriff Forbes recruits Damon for the bachelor auction, but Damon asks for info on Alaric in exchange for his services. Later as he gets ready, Elena stops by looking for Stefan. After she tells him about her search for her birth mother, Damon unknowingly dogs Isobel by saying that since she left Elena alone, then she pretty much doesn’t matter. Stefan enters and waits for Damon to leave before he confirms to Elena that Isobel was in fact Alaric’s wife and that she could’ve been murdered by a vampire. He then tells Elena to hold off on asking Alaric questions, which is what Alaric discusses with Jenna when she also suggests that Alaric speaks with Elena.

Stefan shows the photo of Isobel to Damon, who feigns ignorance, especially after he knows that someone else is asking for the info and not Stefan. At the auction, Sheriff Forbes provides Damon with her intel. When he sees the picture of Isobel, an evil glint comes across his eye. While Mrs. Lockwood introduces each of the bachelors, Damon comes last and he has a field day. He nonchalantly talks about the places he has visited, namely Duke University, and he talks directly to Alaric, saying that he met Isobel there and that she was “delicious”. Wow. Oh, keep in mind that Elena is in the audience as well and she is no bimbo and immediately pieces everything together. So she runs outside and Stefan follows her.

Once they make it outside, Stefan explains his reasoning and that he didn’t want to take Elena through that drama just yet. As he consoles her, Elena spots the strange guy who killed Trudie and Stefan walks her back inside the Mystic Grill. As soon as Elena enters, Damon stops her and she lets him have it. But Damon doesn’t know what the animosity is about and Elena spells it out for him. He knows he made a faux pas now and is actually not proud of himself. Does Damon have a heart now??!?! No. He has a revelation… Meanwhile, Alaric flashes back to when he confronted Isobel about her work on the supernatural, which had became an obsession. When Alaric declares he wants a regular life, Isobel begs to differ and says she wants more. Uh-oh… In the present, both men leave the auction without picking up their winning dates: Alaric was won by Jenna and Damon by Mrs. Lockwood, who I am pegging as a closet hussy.

The Vampire Diaries 1.15 “A Few Good Men” RecapElena and Stefan return to the street where the strange man stands, telling Elena to cease and desist her search for Isobel and claiming that Isobel doesn’t want to see her. Stefan realizes that this man is under a compelling spell of a vampire. The strange man, having finished his message, throws himself in front of a truck, dying instantly. Elena rushes to his mangled body and sees a cell phone beside him. She pockets the phone before Stefan drags her away. That’s my girl!

Back at the mansion, Damon pours himself a drink and hears Alaric enter. After calling Alaric on his foolishness, Damon begins tossing the poor human around like a rag doll. Alaric demands to know what happened to Isobel, but Damon chastises Alaric for being so dense or ignorant to the evidence around him. Isobel didn’t want to live Alaric’s life, she wanted the night life. Well, the eternal night life and Damon obliged. Alaric then charges Damon, who stabs him in the lung with the stake he had for the vampire. Damon drops Alaric and waits and watches him die. Stefan enters and is appalled at what he has seen. He asks Damon why and Damon explains that Alaric attacked him first. Then Damon reveals his newfound motivation that Katherine still loves him: by Elena being Katherine’s descendant and Isobel being Elena’s mother, this proves to Damon that Isobel didn’t just seek him out for the hell of it. It is a sign of Katherine’s love. Stefan thinks Damon has lost it as do I. After Damon leaves, Stefan watches Alaric’s body… twitch.

WHAT. THE. F@%K?!?!?!??!

Alaric awakes and Stefan immediately thinks that 1) Damon turned him or 2) that Alaric was slipped some vamp blood. Alaric realizes that it is neither. He looks at his ring and simply says, “Isobel.” Then we flash back to when Isobel gave him the ring as a gift, begging for Alaric to never take it off. OMG! In the present, Stefan calls BS (as I am sure a lot of people are doing), but the facts are there. Alaric is practically invincible with his secret decoder ring.

Meanwhile back at the Gilberts, Elena picks up the dead stranger’s cell phone and dials the last number called and Isobel’s voice comes from the other end asking, “Did you find her?” Elena says her name and Isobel immediately hangs up.

This show ROCKS!!!!!

Caroline Meets Matt’s Mom, Julie Cooper I Mean, Kelly Donovan

Matt and Caroline are interrupted from their make out session by Matt’s mother, the previously absent Kelly Donovan (specialThe Vampire Diaries 1.15 “A Few Good Men” Recap guest star Melinda Clarke). After Caroline leaves, Kelly makes her presence known without revealing the whereabouts of her current fling Pete. Matt is over the whole homecoming and just want his mother to respect Caroline, because he likes her a lot despite Kelly’s irksome attitude towards the girl. At the bachelor’s auction, Kelly purposely ignores Caroline and finally tells the girl to stop trying to hard to impress her, because in the end, she will still not like her.

Matt later walks his drunk mother into their home and Kelly spills that with Vicky gone and Pete dropping her like a Prada reject, Matt is all that she has. So I guess Kelly will make hell for anyone who gets close to Matt then, huh? Bring it, please?

Harper Finds His Way

The Vampire Diaries 1.15 “A Few Good Men” RecapRemember, Harper from the teaser? Well after he takes the hiker’s clothes and ditches the poor guy’s cell phone, Harper makes his way to town and is shocked to see all the advancements and changes and is completely, utterly lost. The he spots a woman on the bench. She gives him a look and it is clear that the two know each other. What?

Later that night, Harper walks toward a house in the middle of the woods. When he knocks on the door, the woman appears, but she calls to PEARL who appears at the door with ANNA! Pearl asks the owner of the house if Harper could come in and the woman gives the invite. We have a vamp’s nest building up, yall!!!!!

From The Journals of the Council

– After seeing Matt Davis upped to series regular status in the credits, imagine my face when I saw him ‘die’. I know this happened on previous shows, namely Buffy, but to see the practice again was a shocker. And then as if they really wanted to give me a heart attack last night, Alaric gets up?!!?! I came up with the same conclusions Stefan did, sans the turning part, but the ring protecting him? I don’t know about that one… While it is a cool idea, it is a kind of hackneyed deux ex machina that pales to anything the show has thrown at us. If Alaric had of been a vamp then I would have bought it, but he’s not. All in all, the plot point saved a character’s life and potential storylines in the process, because I am not ready to see Alaric leave yet.

– So Isobel’s alive? Well, undead is a better term. This does not bode well for Elena, because signs are pointing that she might be destined to join her ancestor and mother. But does this also mean that Isobel is chilling with Katherine somewhere? The hell that they could be raising might parallel the exploits of Buffy and Angel’s Darla and Drusilla. How I miss those days…

– Glad to have Melinda Clarke on the show. Hopefully she won’t end up like her daughter…

– No Bonnie. Booo! No Jeremy. Shrug. Still No Wolf Tyler. BOOO!!!!

– Trivia: The Stranger met the same demise as Amanda Detmer’s (Trudie) character from Final Destination did. I found that ironic as hell.

-I Wonder if Showtime will sue The CW for photoshopping a promotional image of Mia Kirshner from The L Word for the yearbook photo? Just asking…

See you kids every week till May 13th!!!!

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