The Vampire Diaries 1.13 “Children of the Damned” Recap

“Children of the Damned” proved to be a well informing episode of The Vampire Diaries, due to it answering a lot of questions, while raising even more in the process. Anna’s reasoning for wanting in the tomb? Check! More evil Katherine? Check! Crazy ass cliffhannger? Double check.

But what we didn’t get tonight were broken windows, whiplash or any self mutilation when it came to the reveals. Blame LOST for the lack of harming myself this week it comes to The Vampire Diaries, because I used up all of my energy during their massive two-hour premiere. So instead of talking about LOST’s time travel, let’s do the time warp with the residents of Mystic Falls and see just who else might be in that tomb…

The Set Up

Mystic Falls, 1864

A man and his carriage driver are stopped by Katherine in the middle of a dark, spooky road, because Katherine claims that her husband is injured. But he isn’t obviously and Katherine feasts on the two poor souls, while a still human Damon watches, mesmerized and ready for the turn. “Not yet,” Katherine purrs as she kisses Damon, giving him a taste of blood in the process. Ew..

Mystic Falls, Present Day

Damon awakes Stefan and Elena from their slumber to give them orders on what they could do to get the tomb opened. Elena, who gets journal duty since it’s her “ancestor”‘s journal they are looking for, asks what a grimoire is and we find out that it’s pretty much a witch’s magic book of unique spells. Stefan wonders about the other mystery vamp, which Damon has issues with as well.

Mystic Falls, 1864

After a romp with Damon, Katherine is retrieved by Emily (guest star Bianca Lawson) to tend to a visitor named Miss Pearl (guest star Kelly Hu, aka X2‘s Lady Deathstrike), who we quickly deduce is a vampire… and they both can walk in daylight! How is this possible?!!??!?! Pearl thinks Katherine is being careless for fooling with both Salvatore brothers, but that’s only a dab of their worries. Honorary Fell is selling vervain to townspeople in retaliation to the vampires, which means that Mystic Falls is on to them. Then to throw another piece of reveals to us, we see that Pearl’s daughter is none other than Anna, Jeremy’s stalker vamp.

The Hunt Is On!!!!!

Mystic Falls, Present Day

Speaking of the whore, she and Ben (guest star Sean Faris) stay holed up in a hotel room and concoct plans to still the Gilbert journal. Anna preps Ben for a date with Bonnie, but is thrown aback when Ben asks her why did she pick him to be her fledgling. Annie basically tells Ben that he was a loser and she saved him, which is kind of sad…

While looking for the journal, Elena and Stefan discuss Damon, who Elena believes that while Damon’s intentions are in the right place when it comes to Katherine, he is going about things the wrong way. Stefan declares that his brother’s sole purpose is to torture people for kicks and nothing else. The two come across a photo of Jonathan Gilbert and human sized muzzle contraption. Jeremy walks in and informs the two that the journal is with Alaric.

Meanwhile back at school, Alaric reads about Mr. Salvatore (special guest star James Remar), Lockwood, and Jonathan Gilbert as the discuss the Vamp Tracker watch. We also find out that Damon and Stefan have been ‘out of the loop’ when it comes to the vampires in Mystic Falls. After Alaric finishes, he makes copies of the journal and then realizes that he is being stalked by someone in the after school hours. Brandishing a kick ass bow gun, Alaric shoots and nearly takes out Stefan, who demands to know why Alaric is being shady. After finding some common ground, we found out that Isobel was a parapsychologist and it seems that Mystic Falls was her favorite spot to study and for good reason, too. But it lead to her death, which we all know and wasting time on this fact lets the journal fall into the wrong hands.

Back at the hotel room, Anna reads about Jonathan’s infatuation with her mother where we see Katherine plotting to sire both Salvatore brothers. She also rushes Ben off to his date with Bonnie.

Mystic Falls, 1864

Mr. Giuseppe Salvatore talks to his sons about the danger they face and how imperative it is to gain The Founders’ trust. Papa Salvatore also makes it known that he doesn’t take kindly to Damon leaving the Confederate Army, which explains the hatred that is Damon.

Later, Papa Salvatore plays croquet with Katherine, while Stefan and Damon talk from the sidelines about keeping Katherine’s true colors hidden, because Papa Salvatore would stake her with out breaking a sweat thinking about it. Damon begs for Stefan to not go blab to their father about anything.

Mystic Falls, Present Day

Somehow Damon ends up at the Gilberts’ house prepping dinner while Jenna watches. The conversation is on forbidden loves, which Damon’s trying to retrieve and, ironically, killed Jenna’s forbidden flame that was Logan, who she thinks is in the Bahamas being snooty. While setting the table, Damon asks Elena if he could trust Stefan with this sudden brotherly love act. It looks like Damon tried to compel Elena, but she continues to lie for Stefan. Damon tells Elena that he hopes she gets his plight and that he would massacre anyone who gets in his way. Dun, Dun, DUN!!!!!

Back at the school, Alaric reveals to Stefan that it was Damon who killed his wife. Stefan advises that revenge is not the best thing on the menu this week, but Alaric drops a mini-bombshell: Isobel’s body was never recovered, which means… Hmmm… Stefan warns Alaric to not let Damon know why he is really in town. Alaric claims he’s a big boy with big toys, but that’s not all it takes, pal.

Back at the Gilberts’ house, Damon and Jeremy discuss games and girls, which Jeremy brings up Anna. Stefan returns with news that the book is missing and Damon doesn’t want to hear that crap! Damon deduces that Jeremy is the key and ‘grills’ him on who else knew about the journal. Jeremy announces that it was Anna, who wants to meet Jeremy at the Mystic Grill. This makes Damon giddy.

At the Grill, Bonnie and Ben flirt to the point that it looks like Bonnie is falling for this guy (GGRRRRR!!!!!). She calls Elena to give details and tells Elena that she plans on making the first move and kiss Ben at the end of the night. Meanwhile, Anna shows up at the Grill to meet Jeremy and Damon spots Anna and looked like a deer in headlights.

Mystic Falls, 1864

He flashes back to when the town had ramped up the production of vervain and how Katherine and Pearl were so calm and collected to his shaky and nervous demeanor. We then find out how in God’s name Katherine and Pearl walk in daylight, which is all thanks to another spell of Emily’s. I can rest easy now. Moving on… The flashback also revealed that Damon and Anna met before and now Damon knows who his secret vamp is.

Mystic Falls, Present Day

After Stefan returned to Elena’s with Alaric’s copies of the journal, they find out that the grimoire is actually hidden with Papa Salvatore. We are taken to another flashback…

Mystic Falls, 1864

Stefan, going against Damon’s wishes, tries to save Katherine by asking his Dad to not be too vigilant on the vampires. But not only does Papa Salvatore claim how evil and destructive vamps are, he says that he would strike down anyone who sides with the creatures of the night. Wow!

Later while messing around with Stefan, Katherine bites him and is immediately filled with vervain. She gets sick and Papa Salvatore storms in, revealing that he put vervain in Stefan’s drink earlier after suspecting Stefan of being sympathetic with vampires. He then orders his son to go fetch the Sheriff.

Mystic Falls, Present Day

Elena and Stefan began digging the grave of Giuseppe Salvatore, but before they do, Elena apologizes that Stefan has to do a horrendous thing. Meanwhile, Damon pays a visit to Anna and we find out that it was Anna who sired Logan Fell. THANK YOU, GUYS!!! Anna reveals to Damon that the grimoire is in the hands of his dead father and that they both want in on the tomb so how about it? Damon announces that he doesn’t do sidekicks and takes the journal and leaves. That’s all? No fight?! Hmmm…

At the Grill, Bonnie and Ben are about to wrap their date up. Bonnie goes in for the kiss and gets a feeling/vision of Ben as a vamp. She plays it off, but he captures her and drags her into the bathroom. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back at the gravesite, Stefan and Elena uncover the grave and retrieve the grimoire just in time for Damon to show up. Pissed.

While Stefan explains that he can’t let Damon go through with the plan, Damon admonishes how disappointed he is in Stefan and that he had always planned on doing the ritual himself, because there is no one else he can trust. He also blames Stefan for the past and says that he was most surprised by Elena’s betrayal, but that doesn’t stop him from promising to rip her heart out if Stefan doesn’t drop the book. When Stefan calls his bluff, Damon grabs Elena and forces some of his blood in her mouth, threatening to kill her. Stefan backs down and Elena is safe… for now.

Later, we find out that Damon was sorta right. It is Stefan’s fault.

Mystic Falls, 1864

The calvary comes for Katherine and all vamps and Damon is in hysterics as they haul Katherine off. He tells Papa Salvatore that he doesn’t care about being branded a sympathizer and would rather die alongside Katherine. Then later he tells Stefan that he is the reason behind everything that is transpiring.

Present Day

After calming Elena down, Stefan runs into Jenna and Jeremy and finds out that Anna has been invited in. Stefan flashes back to when Pearl was shot down by Jonathan Gilbert and hauled off with the other vamps while Emily and Anna watched. Stefan, in present time, runs up the steps to find that Anna and Elena are both gone.

The Vampire Diaries.

From The Journals of The Council

– I only have one thing to say: Bonnie better be in one piece next week of it’s curtains for Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec. That is all for now…

-Not. So we found out the vamps got their daywalking papers courtesy of Emily. She seemed to be down for the vampiric cause when she was alive, so I wonder what changed her mind? New questions, people…

– Father issues could be the basis on why Damon just doesn’t give a damn, don’t ya think?

– Anna’s boring now that she just let Damon walk away from her that easily with the journal. I was expecting more from that confrontation.

– Isobel could not only be Elena’s mother, but might be a creature of the night herself. Wouldn’t that be a lovely twist?

– Where the hell is the Taylor, the werewolf?

See ya guys next week!!!


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