The Ups And Downs Of The WandaVision Finale

Okay, Marvel fans, the season finale for WandaVision is finally here. I’ll just say right off the bat, for the first MCU Disney+ show, WandaVision sure did spike our interests. For me, it wasn’t my most anticipated Marvel show, but it did intrigue me the most. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the idea and the trailers were just weird. That’s it. Not really good or bad, just very, very weird. Was all of it a fantasy? Was Vision really alive again? And what was with the different decade settings? All of these questions were slowly answered overtime, but the show did a great job of being mysterious.

What really turned me on to it were the openings of each episode. The first episode began in a 1950’s setting and was in black and white for crying out loud. It felt like a 1950’s sitcom and had the laughs in the background to make it feel authentic. I mean, it was filmed in front of a live audience, so I must give them tons of credit for treating it like it was an actual old school sitcom. What made it more interesting was that each episode pushed the decade up until it got to modern day. You know what? The episode set in the 1990’s had an opening that reminded me of Malcom in the Middle. Classic 1990’s television.

So WandaVision is ultimately a show that had a different vibe to it. The first MCU show was a win for me and now, it has reached its end. Unfortunate, but at least we’ll be getting Falcon and the Winder Soldier soon. With the finale finally here, it makes me excited for what else Marvel has in store for their Disney+ shows. Now the whole series was mind boggling, but the finale reached a satisfying conclusion. Yes, that means I will be talking about pretty much everything that happened in the finale, so that means spoiler territory. If you haven’t caught up with it yet, click away.

I want to talk about my thoughts on the WandaVision finale and everything that worked in my opinion. That also means I’ll be talking about things that I feel like didn’t work. There are a few things on each side, so I really want to go into detail and make some theories on where it will all lead into the future for the MCU. So if you have caught up on the WandaVision finale, please read on and see if you agree.

Okay, so let’s begin by talking about what I liked about the finale. The bread and butter of the whole series is undoubtedly Wanda and Vision. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bethany killed it. In fact, their performances and chemistry worked well in the movies, but the show really upped the ante with both characters. The biggest spoiler is the fate of Vision himself. You ready?

When Wanda’s fantasy breaks, that means Vision’s reconstructed body disintegrates. Don’t worry, his legacy will live on, but more on that later. The final minutes of the episode was a final goodbye from Wanda to Vision and boy, was it an emotional one. Wanda found closure and Vision fully discovered what he really meant to her. He’s an android and even shed a tear. They’re an unlikely couple, but they’re also a fitting match, considering they both feel like outsiders and loners in a large universe. The android and the ultra powerful scarlet witch (they finally called her that) turned out to be one of the best couples in the MCU.

And guess what? They stepped up their relationship by having two twin boys, Billy and Tommy. If you’re big comic nuts, you’ll be more familiar with their superhero names. Technically, they weren’t her real children, but both Wanda and Vision treated them like they were their actual children. Before Wanda said her goodbye to Vision, she gave a heartwarming lesson about family to Billy and Tommy. It was another emotional moment for the show and really made us root for Wanda, even though her family wasn’t exactly real.

So if I had to emphasize on the biggest positive thing about the finale, it would have to be Wanda and Vision themselves. Their chemistry was the best I have ever seen it to be and both of them finally found closure. And what about the big bad of the series? That would be Agatha Harkness. How was she as a villain? Overall, she worked for the series and is probably the weirdest villain in the MCU. What I liked about her the most was that she was a truly cunning villain who was hiding in plain sight. It also had a lot to do with the big smile and kind neighbor persona that Kathryn Hahn was able to pull off. She was the nosy neighbor in the beginning, but that facade really hid a dark, scheming witch.

Agatha was a good villain for the show and led Wanda to becoming the Scarlet Witch. So she was probably the best secondary character for the series, but what about the others? I’m talking about Jimmy Woo, Monica Rambeau, and Darcy. I mean, did anyone really miss Darcy or Jimmy Woo? Maybe not, but the show did make use of them. In fact, Jimmy Woo showed that he was actually a competent agent. Remember how he was pretty much a simpleton in Ant-Man and the Wasp? Well, the show fixes that and gives him more to do. And as for Darcy? She was more useful in the series compared to the first two Thor movies. She did help in the finale, but she only appeared once. More screen time to develop her wouldn’t of hurt.

Now what was the worst thing about the finale? Well, first of all, who is the Evan Peters Pietro Maximoff? It turns out, he’s pretty much a nobody. In fact, he’s actually and actor with an incredibly stupid name. Ralph Bohner. I actually laughed out loud when I first heard that. No, he’s not the same Pietro from the Fox-produced movies. Boy, I must say, that was a waste of a mystery that they spent a lot of time building up. Speaking of which, if you were expecting some big cameos or a bridge-building ending that sets up for a future MCU movie, don’t get your hopes up. Yes, some interesting things happen, but nothing too big or too interesting.

Oh, and since I mentioned Monica, there is a certain someone who wants to talk to her. Hint: they’re in outer space. If you’re excited for Captain Marvel 2, there’s your set up. However, if you wanted a cameo like Doctor Strange or something a bit more far fetched like Professor Xavier, it didn’t happen. And the Pietro thing was basically the same trick they pulled in Iron Man 3. Yeah, I didn’t like that twist, so this twist just didn’t work for me.

So there you have it. This was my take on the WandaVision finale. If you haven’t watched it already (which you shouldn’t of read this far if you haven’t), please check it out. I’m just super excited for Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

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