The Ultimate Fan-Made Movie Crossover Event

The Ultimate Fan-Made Movie Crossover Event

Imagine this kind of crossover and how awesome it would be to see so many characters gathered together for one singular purpose, or for several purposes, it’s hard to decide. Granted, it will never happen since it would be an unending nightmare to get everyone to work together, but it would still be all kinds of awesome and it’s enough to say that the creator of this clip and I are definitely vibing on the same wavelength since trying to bring everything together or at least give the vast number of creations a way to connect would beyond extra and epic on such a level that there’s no adequate word for it. One of the downfalls of this crossover though comes from wondering if every character’s abilities, whatever they might be, would work in any given world. The rules that apply to one world might be different for another, since if anyone can remember Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, Darth Vader’s powers didn’t exactly work, most likely because he was a wax statue, but also likely because he belonged to another universe. Hey, it’s a thought.

But just imagine if a Star Wars character crossed over into another universe and the Force didn’t work for them any longer, or a Marvel character crossed into another universe and found that EVERYONE had powers of some sort. It’s something that needs to be thought of in a situation like this since the rules of one given universe might not apply in another one. But seeing some of these individuals take each other on toe to toe would be kind of fun since the martial capabilities that a lot of characters have wouldn’t really change that much from one universe to another, so Captain America wouldn’t suddenly lose the ability to fight, nor would anyone else.

Imagine a de-powered Shang-Chi taking on Bruce Lee in an epic crossover, no matter if it could never happen. Some of the crossover material would be impossible simply because some of the legends we grew up with are no longer around since it would be great to see Heath Ledger’s Joker side by side with Jack Nicholson’s just to finally compare them. But again, the permission and the very idea of trying to get everyone together is kind of a logistics nightmare since the sheer size and scope of such a project would take years and years to finally map out and then shoot. But the effort would be worth it no doubt since seeing some of the legends together would be undeniably awesome. Given the scope and length of time that pop culture has had to gather together some of the greatest legends, myths, and fables ever told, it’s not hard to think that it would be a heady experience to put them all together, but trying to do so would likely fry the minds of many audience members since trying to do this would leave one wondering how such an effort could possibly be topped without having to do it again and again and again.

As a storyteller and a writer, it’s very easy to say that all stories share one common core and that all of them could be reduced to a single set of words that might be able to describe how everything came to be. It might not be entirely accurate from one point of view or another, but the sentiment would be there and the overall idea of creating something that would envelop everything is breathtaking in the majesty that it brings to mind. No offense to the creator of this clip, especially since it had to have been fun to do a big part of this even if it was a lot of work, but the grandest vision in the human scope would only put a label as to how insanely wonderful this would be since the idea transcends the kind of thinking that is normally reserved for geniuses and visionaries that see beyond the usual scope of the storytellers that want to give the people a great experience. Trying to describe it even now is possible, but it would only be words and images that would serve as an attempt to make people understand something that might be reaching past our comprehension.

But getting back down to earth for a moment, something of this magnitude would be greatness on a level that we don’t get to see that often and that many people appreciate for being an attempt at telling a story that goes well beyond the boundaries of anything that people could possibly grasp in its entirety. It sounds melodramatic and grandiose, doesn’t it? That’s the nature of storytelling though, to give people something that they can understand and comprehend while hiding away the true greatness behind the story.

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