The U.S. Army Band Performs The Mandalorian Theme

There should no longer be any doubt that The Mandalorian is a big enough hit that it’s influenced a pretty big part of society since the US Army decided to play the theme song. Ever since the show came out a couple of years ago people have been gushing over it, especially when it comes to The Child, aka Grogu. For some time it feels as though people were wanting a little more from Star Wars than the constant Jedi vs. Sith battle that was a constant since the prequels, and desired something that was a little closer to the original trilogy. The Mandalorian has delivered that in a big way since it hasn’t sacrificed that much focus on the Force and has used the Jedi sparingly in favor of opening up the audience to the Mandalorian experience as Din Djarin has been traversing the galaxy seeking to find where Grogu belongs. The theme song has been played so many times now in so many different ways that even those that haven’t watched the show have likely heard it at least once or twice. Enough people have certainly talked about it and the show has been mentioned online a number of times in a large number of ways as people have lauded it left and right and yes, have even parodied it. Hey, if a show can’t handle a parody being made of it and shrug or laugh it off then it’s not that great to begin with since humor can be a compliment as well as ridicule. But with The Mandalorian, there’s likely a lot more left to parody since targeting anything that has to do with Star Wars has led to a great bit of fun over the years, especially when people find plot holes and inconsistencies that aren’t always caught by those in charge.

The great thing about The Mandalorian, and Star Wars, in fact, is that they’ve been so widely accepted by so many that any type of ridicule is all well and good, but it’s typically going to be viewed by fans and then brushed off as little more than a bit of amusement since the story has become legendary since the first trilogy brought to life a story that has spread far and wide in quite a few ways. At this time the Star Wars franchise has plenty of projects on the way, including The Mandalorian season 3 and The Book of Boba Fett, which should hopefully be headed to Disney+ around the same time. Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau have done a great job in bringing this story to life and have restored a lot of faith in the Star Wars franchise since the most recent trilogy might have actually caused a few fans to turn away from the franchise since The Last Jedi and Rise of Skywalker didn’t exactly inspire a lot of people. The Force Awakens was largely accepted by many people simply because it meant that Star Wars was back on the big screen where it needed to be, but this movie has been torn apart as well. In fact, one of the only aspects of the movies and the show that haven’t been subject to ridicule or scorn, at least not openly, is the music.

John Williams was responsible for the Star Wars score back in the day and the music that was created has been dubbed the best musical score of all time in the past, while Ludwig Goransson was responsible for The Mandalorian. Both men touched upon something that has managed to capture the feeling of the story in a way that a lot of people can’t help but appreciate, and many have attempted to recreate it in their own manner. The US Army did an excellent job of recreating this theme, but the number of instruments used is still amazing since the many different sounds that are incorporated into the theme make it the impressive piece that it is, and the theme of course is a big part of what draws people in since once it’s heard, a lot of people are almost instantly in the mood to see what’s coming next on the show. Considering everything that happened in the second season, the third season of The Mandalorian has a lot to live up to since between the appearance of Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker, it’s fair to say that there aren’t a lot of personalities left in the galaxy that people are going to be just as excited about. That’s a minor exaggeration since there are still quite a few characters that could be introduced, and a situation between Din and Bo-Katan, that will have to be resolved. And there is the matter of the Imperial Remnant that still exists in the galaxy, as well the likelihood of the beginnings of the First Order.

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