The Top Five Serious Moments on Brooklyn Nine Nine

The Top Five Serious Moments on Brooklyn Nine Nine

It’s hard to believe that a show as funny and over the top as Brooklyn Nine-Nine could actually have a serious moment here and there. But one has to keep in mind that it’s still a cop show and as a result there’s going to be enough serious content that needs to spill over occasionally since it can’t be all laughs and giggles. Of course when you look at a cast such as this and expect them to simply be stone-faced the entire time it would seem that you’re asking for a lot since a good number of them have made a reputation out of making people laugh and are therefore prone to making jokes on a regular basis. Putting it lightly, this show was designed to make people roar with laughter and yet injecting serious moments almost seems like a way to bring it down to earth now and again, or to give people a break as they nurse jaws sore from laughing.

Here are some of the most serious moments from the show.

5. Spiraling Out of Control

Obviously being pregnant on a plane isn’t exactly a position that many women would want to be in. Even in first class the space is kind of cramped and there’s no real way to stretch out or recline in total comfort as you might want to. But being uptight and tense doesn’t help things either, and a warm towel could actually take the edge off just a bit if she wasn’t already over the edge and spiraling down into the uncertain realm of paranoia and madness that comes from the hormonal imbalances that being pregnant can bring. Yeah, that was a mouthful, but then again try talking to a pregnant woman that’s not in the mood to just sit there and stew in her own thoughts.

4. Sending a Message

First off, why in the world would anyone run their finger over ANYTHING in a hospital and then, just to see what it was, lick that same finger? Yes, go ahead and shudder at the prospect of it, especially considering that hospitals, while they’re supposed to be clean, are where bodily fluids are in big supply and the paranoid are simply crawling out of their skin when it comes to thinking what touching anything might mean. So Holt is leaving a message in his own way, but one has to think that there might have been a better way to do this than to leave a trail that looks so conspicuous.

3. Holt is Taken by Surprise

Holt is the kind of person that doesn’t show a lot of emotion and thus could rock his own shirt showing the many different faces he gives when he’s shocked, happy, sad, depressed, amazed, and show only one expression. In fact this isn’t the first show that’s showcased his supposed lack of emotional range as he’s been like this in just about every appearance he’s had. But then again it might be because of this that he’s been cast in the first place, since showing the emotional range of a rock is kind of interesting if you can somehow pull it off in a way that makes people excited to see even the slightest tic of emotion.

2. Racial Profiling

Yes, racial profiling does take place even on TV and it’s kind of a sad sight to see, but something that’s important to remind people of now and again since it does still happen. It’s not right in the slightest and saying this over and over has become a mantra for some people and a lesson that many have learned and want to move on from. But seeing it in our TV shows is just another reminder that it can be used as a learning tool as well. While it’s increasingly negative it’s also something that can’t be ignored since it degrades not only the people that it’s being done to by the people that are doing it as well.

1. Scary News

Every day it seems we get to hear about atrocities that are taking place in the world since human beings, despite being able to work together, are still different enough that they tend to work against one another as well. But when you know that your job is difficult and even dangerous it’s another matter entirely since you expect to walk into hard situations but are still never quite ready when you hear that someone you know might be in the same bad way. The team unfortunately hears the badge number of one of their companions and friends being called out during a dangerous situation during this episode and can’t help but be pensive as they wait for word of her status.

The show is hilarious and out of control at times, but it does know when to dial things back.

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