The Top Five Ridiculously Over the Top Family Guy Fights

The Top Five Ridiculously Over the Top Family Guy Fights

Family Guy has been one of those shows that, over the years, has made a lot of people stand up and take notice since it’s gone far beyond anything that the Simpsons used to utilize as comedy and has almost always come up with some way to make a person’s eyes bug out of their head due to the content. The fight scenes that have involved the family members though have almost always been something fun to watch since the nonstop mayhem is so widespread that one has a few options, but the best bet is either to turn it off since it makes little to no sense or just sit and watch since it continues to roll on and make even less sense. You might notice the omission of Stewie vs. Lois in the mix and there’s no doubt that this was a great fight and did go over the top quite a bit, but in lieu of the others it actually seems like the most tame among them and therefore didn’t quite make the cut. If this was a top 10 list there’s no doubt it would be in here.

Here are some of the best fights from Family Guy.

5. Peter vs. Chicken

There have been a few epic fights between Peter and the Giant Chicken but as John Hugar from Uproxx would agree it always pays to come back to this first one when Peter was given an expired coupon by the chicken and decided to get a bit aggressive as a result. From that point on the enmity between these two kind of came and went as they always seemed to find another reason to go after one another and it always led to the kind of damage that could ruin the city and thereby injure a lot of people, or possibly kill them depending on the severity, but of course we wouldn’t see this in Family Guy as much as you might think. That being said though, the chicken fights are almost always some of the best clips to round up from Family Guy.

4. Stewie vs. Crippletron

Ahsan Haque does have a point when he alludes to the fact that this fight isn’t all that pretty from a choreographer’s point of view. Let it never be said that Family Guy has been 100% PC, largely because it would be a lie that no one would believe. But in this episode Peter opens his own restaurant and when he decides to invite his friends he realizes quickly that upon inviting Joe he’s invited a great number of handicapped individuals that are all wheelchair-bound. Despite the good business Peter decides that this is not the clientele he wants to serve and as a result of his actions, basically not allowing Joe and his friends in, he unleashes the wrath of Crippletron, yes, completely un-PC thankfully, who is bested by Stewie when he covers Joe’s eyes and forces Crippletron off the roof, ironically landing on Peter and putting him in a wheelchair.

3. Stewie vs. Bertram

This was kind of a fun fight since Betram was kind of an accident that came about thanks to Peter and a disastrous trip to the sperm bank, but Roshan from World of Female seems to agree that it was uniquely awesome. When he spilled all the samples, yes, disgusting as usual, he had to fill up all the jars himself. That kind of led to the eventual birth of Bertram, who quickly establishes himself as Stewie’s most hated rival. Now you might think this makes no sense considering that Bertram is younger than Stewie by quite a bit but it does make for a great fight since the two are obviously equally matched, somehow, in intelligence, skill, and the ability to draw upon resources that, in any other cartoon, might be seen as kind of extraneous. But this is Family Guy, things just happen because the writers want them to, so it fits.

2. Peter vs. Trump

This fight was actually seen as pretty controversial and I’m betting you can guess why. Doing anything that involves President Trump these days seems like it’s going to be bound for heavy criticism and a lot of backlash that could land the person that did it in hot water. But if Seth MacFarlane was afraid of that his show wouldn’t have lasted nearly as long as it has so far. That being the case, this duel between Peter and Trump was something that was not only hilarious but kind of meaningful in a way since the way it ended was just as funny if not outright patronizing. It’s one of those fights that doesn’t have a clear winner, but no one wants to be called a loser.

1. Peter vs. Homer

Ah yes , Homer vs. Peter, a true test of the flabby titans. You would almost think that Peter might have this one largely because he has the greater amount of mass, but the kind of punishment that Homer can dish out and take is simply amazing. The fact that the two men pretty much destroy Springfield and then destroy an alien spaceship and then eventually walk away is just a testament to the fact that neither of them is really favored over the other, and that the Griffins and the Simpsons are better off apart, but are still loved by a great many fans.

I’m sure I missed a few fights, so don’t be shy and let me know your favorites.

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