The Top 10 Hilariously Awful Movie Fights

The Top 10 Hilariously Awful Movie Fights

When it comes to movies, some are great and some are questionable at best. Most people enjoy movies that have good fight scenes, but have you ever watched a movie that was supposed to have a serious fight scene, yet the so-called action was so outrageously hilarious that you couldn’t stop laughing, not even for a minute? A lot of movies have a tendency to be this way. It makes you wonder what some of these Hollywood types are thinking when they make the decision to write a script for movies like the ones that appear on the list below. If you think they’re crazy, stop and remember that somebody agreed to finance these projects. It makes you wonder what on earth they were thinking at the time, or maybe you should be wondering what they were taking.

1. Undefeatable (1994)

This entire movie is strange, as are most of the ones on this list. As far as the fight scene involved goes, two guys are standing in a room staring at each other for a minute and then they start ripping their shirts off as they grunt at one another. It actually looks like they’re checking out their own muscle tone before they rip off their clothing in order to see who can claim the best bare chest. The rest of the fight scene involves nothing more than grunting and chest baring. The whole thing is just weird.

2. Godzilla versus Megalon (1973)

It’s not like you expect these movies to have outstanding special effects or anything but when the adversaries start this weird dance in the middle of a burning field, you start to wonder what is happening. If that’s not enough to get you doubled over laughing, wait until you see Godzilla do a trademark tail slide that’s almost reminiscent of the dolphins when they stand up in the water. If you make it through this movie without laughing, you might start wondering where your sense of humor has wandered off to.

3. The Room (2003)

This entire movie is filled with some of the worst acting that most people have ever seen. The editing isn’t any better, either. It’s likely that both of these things will have you cracking up before the movie is even close to being over, but if you don’t manage to laugh at those things, you’ll certainly be laughing when the protagonist in the movie starts chirping like a bird at his adversary. Is this supposed to scare the adversary into submission or just make him laugh so hard he’s no longer capable of fighting?

4. Mr. No Legs (1979)

Nobody should ever make fun of someone that has a physical challenge. In order to just get it out of the way, the movie deals with an individual that is in a wheelchair because he doesn’t have any lower limbs. That’s not the funny part, but it is kind of funny when his wheelchair turns into a killing device in some kind of odd Ninja scene. The thing is, it only gets stranger from there.

5. Gymkata (1985)

Whose idea was it to come up with a gymnastics expert that could be some kind of modern-day martial arts warrior, anyway? That’s exactly what happened in this movie. As luck would have it, this new gymnastics warrior runs up and down streets, finding pommel horses that have been built out of stone, of all things. As you might have guessed by now, he then spends his time twirling and kicking until all of his enemies are defeated. Who dreams this stuff up?

6. The Executioner (1970)

This is supposed to be a serious martial arts movie, but good luck with that. There’s just nothing in it that you can take seriously. The movie is so poorly handled that you can’t possibly take anything seriously, especially not the never-ending fight scenes. With that being said, it is good for a laugh or two, to say the least.

7. Athisaya Piravi (1990)

This is an Indian film and it’s done in a foreign language so unless you can speak the language yourself, you’re not going to understand any of it anyway. The thing it seems to be best known for is the way it shot its fight scenes. The scenes were actually shot in reverse in order to make them easier to do. The problem is, it’s painfully obvious on the screen, so much so that it just becomes funny.

8. Samurai Cop (1991)

If you’re looking for a movie that has what you might consider to be the worst of the worst sword battle scene ever created, you don’t need to look any further. The same is true with the death scene that is supposed to be serious and full of drama, yet is so pathetic you can’t help but laugh.

9. Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)

You’ve probably already guessed just from the title alone that this movie is a little off. The truth is, you have no idea. This movie includes, among other things, people getting pushed into meat grinders, flying eyeballs, and the intended strangulation of an opponent with one’s own intestines. It just makes you wonder who decides to write this kind of stuff in the first place.

10. Ninja: Silent Assassin (1987)

You might start out thinking that the oddest thing about this movie is the weird clothing, as the whole point of being a Ninja is to not stand out like a sore thumb. The truth is, the more you watch this movie, the less you’re likely to even notice the clothing. This movie is filled with bad acting, subpar dubbing and just about everything else that you can imagine that makes a movie unwatchable. With that being said, if you want to watch it anyway, knock yourself out.

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