The Memorable Cast of 2002’s “Austin Powers in Goldmember”

Undoubtedly one of the top-grossing films in 2002, Austin Powers in Goldmember, the third movie in the Austin Powers movie franchise, grossed $296.7 million on a budget of $63 million. At a time when spy movies like James Bond were becoming overly cliché, the Austin Powers movies series and its parody theme was a good comedy relief.

If you were quite familiar with some James Bond movie plots like Goldfinger, The Man with the Golden Gun, You Only Live Twice, and The Spy Who Loved Me, it’s easy to see a semblance in Goldmember. However, a significant aspect of the movie’s success is its star-studded cast.

Mike Myers (Austin Powers)

Austin Powers

Credit: Austin Powers in Goldmember

The multi-talented Canadian actor, Mike Myers, played four characters in the movie. First, he plays the movie’s main protagonist, Austin Powers. Austin Powers goes back in time to rescue his father, who was kidnapped by Dr. Evil and Goldmember. He teams up with Foxxy Cleopatra to help save his father.

Mike Myers also plays Dr. Evil, the movie’s main antagonist. Dr. Evil seeks to destroy the world by pulling a meteorite into its path. He teams up with Goldmember to use his tractor beam to destroy the earth.

Mike Myers is also Goldmember. The character introduces himself as Johann van der Smut. He’s named Goldmember because of his obsession with gold and a smelting accident that turned his genitalia into gold.

He also plays Fat Bastard. Fat Bastard was once a soldier in the Scottish Ministry of Defense. In this movie, he now works as a Japanese sumo wrestler. At the end of the movie, Fat Bastard has lost weight, albeit with sagging skin, all thanks to the Subway Diet.

Beyoncé (Foxxy Cleopatra)

Foxxy Cleopatra

Credit: Austin Powers in Goldmember

Beyoncé jumps in this movie as Foxxy Cleopatra, making it her second-ever movie to be cast. Foxxy Cleopatra is Austin Powers’ ex-girlfriend, whom he met in 1975 when he traveled back to find his father.

Foxxy Cleopatra teams up with Austin Powers to fight Goldmember. She chooses to follow him back to the future to help save his father and the world.

Michael Caine (Nigel Powers)

Nigel Powers

Credit: Austin Powers in Goldmember

Renowned English actor Michael Caine plays Austin Powers’ father, Nigel Powers. Nigel is a British agent and is kidnapped by Goldmember. His son, Austin, goes back in time to find and save him. At the end of the movie, he reveals to Dr. Evil and Austin Powers that they are twin brothers.

Verne Troyer (Mini-Me)


Credit: Austin Powers in Goldmember

The late American actor Verne Troyer plays the role of Mini-Me. Mini-Me is a dwarf clone of Dr. Evil. Although he works with Dr. Evil to kidnap Nigel Powers and destroy the world, he switches allegiance later.

When Dr. Evil favors his son, Scott Evil, over him, Mini-Me chooses to work with Austin Powers and Foxxy Cleopatra. At the end of the movie, Mini-Me is seen talking with Britney Spears as she asks if she could give him her phone number. What a win!

Seth Green (Scott Evil)

Scott Evil

Credit: Austin Powers in Goldmember

The multi-talented American actor Seth Green plays Scott Evil. Although he’s the son of Dr. Evil, he plays second fiddle to Mini-Me. However, he fulfilled one of his father’s wishes of having sharks with laser beams on their heads.

This action endeared him to Dr. Evil, who quickly pushed aside Mini-Me and promoted Scott Evil. Just when he thinks he has won the heart of his father, his father becomes good after realizing his archenemy is his twin brother.

At the end of the movie, Scott Evil shaves his head and dresses like Dr. Evil. Then, he promises to get his revenge against Austin Powers.

Fred Savage (Number 3/Mole)


Credit: Austin Powers in Goldmember

Fred Savage plays Number 3, a British intelligence agent. Number 3 has a mole on his face that freaks out Austin Powers and Dr. Evil whenever they look at him. Although he informs Austin Powers of Dr. Evil’s new lair, he’ll later switch allegiance. Number 3, with the mole, eventually became the agency’s mole.

Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina)

Frau Farbissina

Credit: Austin Powers in Goldmember

Mindy Sterling plays the wife of Dr. Evil, Frau Farbissina. Besides listening and contributing to her husband’s evil plans, you can catch Frau endorsing and going along with the plans to destroy the earth. But, for what it’s worth, she’s a loyal and committed wife.

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