The Three Best Female Characters on the Young and the Restless

The Three Best Female Characters on the Young and the Restless

Young and the Restless fans are loving the actresses the show introduces us to these days. We know that many faces have been around for a very long time. Some are newer than others, and some have left, will not be on as often, and went off to live their own lives. But of the women who are on the show right now, there are a few who stand out to us as being our favorite. While we have to say that the women on this show are our least favorite soap characters as a whole, we still like them. In comparison to other soap characters, however, the YTR ladies are always a little weak and a little bit less upstanding than others. But, we still love them and appreciate what they have to bring to the table. Here’s our favorite female characters from this daytime favorite.


We like her because she’s a little bit quiet. She’s more likely to keep to herself. She’s not someone who goes out of her way to cause problems, though she’s been there and done that in the past. She’s had some serious things happen to her in the past year, and she’s handled them so well. She’s been someone who has made it her mission in life to be very open and honest with people about who she is and what she wants, and she’s managed to make things work for herself. She’s someone who might not always have the best outcome, but she almost always has the right intentions. She’s someone who has made it her goal and mission in life to be happy, and she’s working on it.

She’s going through some tough times right now, but she’s working on it. She’s getting her life together, she’s making amends, and she’s looking for a way to make her life feel better and more complete for once. She’s been very forgiving and very open with her feelings this past year, and it has not always worked out for her. But this is the time in her life when she’s hit rock bottom, and she’s already showing her strength in picking herself up and working her way back up in life.


She’s a little crazy and unstable, and we like that. We love that about her, and we like that she’s going to keep that personality. She’s leaving the show for good soon, but we hope she will be back. We do hope she will make the decision to return to the show and be there for us when we want to see her the most. She’s been one of our favorites for so many years, and we do love her. She’s someone who has just a slightly crazed personality with just a slightly crazed manner, and she rocks it. She handles that story like it’s her real life. She’s almost so good at being this character that we wonder if she’s at all like this in real life. We will miss her when she leaves.


She is, hands down, our favorite character on the show. She’s sharp. She’s not dramatic. She’s witty. She’s quick. She’s hilarious. She is everything that we love about a person, and she’s on this show. She’s had her fair share of drama and upset over the past few years, but she’s managed to conduct herself with class in most of her situations. She’s managed to keep herself together. She’s managed to get it together, to make it right, and to be the one who has always been there for her mother. She’s someone who has definitely had her own share of issues to live with and deal with, but she’s done it with class and grace. We love her, and we love what she stands for in all she does. She’s a superstar herself, and we like that about her.

But what we really love is her ability to get things done and handled in life. She’s not someone who is good at being bad, but she’s someone who is good at being herself. She’s someone who is good enough to figure things out and handle them as they come, and she’s going to make that work for herself in some way, shape, or form. She’s unapologetically herself, and that’s what makes her feel so good about herself. She’s someone we can watch regularly, and we almost hope she finds some happiness in her own life sometime in the near future. She’s so good at keeping us entertained and taking care of her mother, and be the responsible one, but we want to see her take some time to be the happy one. To be the one who can finally get some fun in her life would be good for her, we think. She’s cool.

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