The Super Sopranos Bros is the Live Action Short Film We Needed

Super Sopranos Brothers

If Mario was any more of an Italian stereotype this is probably what he would be like, at least in one reality. When you think about it Mario and Luigi are only a few steps away from being kind of like the Sopranos, and this live action version is something that people might need to see even if they don’t realize it. The Soprano Bros. doesn’t exactly have the same ring to it, but the blending of the game and the show is pretty brilliant since the number of references to the game throughout the video and the manner in which they’re made is hilarious. Imagining Mario as the head of the family is of course the most natural thing to think of since he’s the head honcho, the guy who the game is about, and the one in the red hat that’s always in charge, for the most part. But this idea is hilarious mostly because if Mario was a mobster this seems exactly how things would go.

The whole Life Up mushroom smuggling scene was great simply because it’s something you can’t help but see and can’t unsee once you’ve seen it. Get that? Admittedly one might think that Luigi might be a little taller, but they got the lanky part down right at least, and the whole idea of him being ready to whack Mario is something that a lot of people have theorized about for years since Mario is kind of the star and does get a lot of attention. This isn’t the first time Luigi has been seen as the ‘weaker’ brother after all since the green hat-wearing sibling has been getting the short end of things for a long time. Mario is kind of the guy that just keeps everyone in line and does his own thing while everyone else has to keep up, but thinking that he’d be able to dominate Peach in any way, or that Luigi might actually be able to frighten Daisy with his behavior is kind of hilarious since both characters seem a little more strong-willed than all that, but hey, for the sake of the show it does actually seem to work well enough.

At this point it’s kind of hard to say just how many representations of Mario there’s been and how many times we’ve seen that Luigi wants to one-up his brother in one fashion or another. It’s easy to think though that in this kind of show that Luigi might actually be able to come close to doing the job, though Mario does seem as though he might figure it out and have his own brother whacked eventually no matter how much it breaks his heart. It’s also kind of amusing to think that this video might offend someone in this day and age by using such stereotypes when the hilarity of it is hard to miss. But then it doesn’t take a lot to offend people these days as a lot of us have seen. This video is nothing short of a dark comedy that might have a lot of people laughing the moment they see the mushrooms sliding every which way as they seem to be about to scoot off in one direction or another as they do in the game. The idea of someone stockpiling such consumables seems kind of ludicrous in the real world but it also seems as though it would be kind of a lucrative trade since the properties of such mushrooms could only be said to be something quite unique in the real world. If they turned you into a giant or gave you added years to your life, somehow, it’d be kind of freaky, but any other properties that might be seen in the real world would be just as unnerving.

The great thing about the Mario Bros. is that you can put them just about anywhere, in any genre, and there’s a chance that it will be insanely comical given that the video game operates on a pretty insane premise that allows the main characters to eat certain mushrooms to gain extra lives, others to gain a life, and even stomp on mushroom creatures and make friends with others. Has anyone ever thought that the Mario Bros. might have come from a seriously whacked-out experience that someone was having one day and was based on more hallucination than anything? To be honest it wouldn’t be too surprising since a lot of the concepts in the game do seem as though they’d take a huge leap of the imagination and might be better experienced in a different state of mind simply because a rational mind might not think of flying turtles or plants that can be consumed and give one the power to throw fireballs. Thankfully for the purpose of the video things were a little more restrained.

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