The Rosebud Motel from Schitt’s Creek is Going Up for Sale

The Rosebud Motel from Schitt’s Creek is Going Up for Sale

The Rosebud Motel from Schitt’s Creek is Going Up for Sale

One thing that a person can almost always count on is that fans will flock to popular sites that are featured in pop culture. The Rosebud Motel is going up for sale after serving the show Schitt’s Creek for so long, and it’s likely that the owner will be asking a pretty penny for the spot since as anyone should be able to imagine, the show has increased the traffic that the place has seen as many people apparently come by just to take their picture next to the iconic place. Many locations throughout cinematic history have been treated in a similar fashion since people happen to love the fact that some locations are accessible and easily viewed and will gather to said spots without fail. For some people, this becomes kind of bothersome since while many people are respectful and don’t ask too much or decide to take advantage of the situation, there are plenty that decide that they’re owed something as fans and tend to take things a bit too far. A good example is the Goonie house in Astoria, Oregon, which had to eventually close itself off to any and all visitors. The owners even went so far as to spread a blue tarp over the lower half of their home at one point since too many people were still snapping pictures and doing whatever they could to get the Goonie experience.

Unfortunately for every respectful and genuinely pleasant fan that comes along, there are at least a few people that will feel entitled enough to think that their fandom affords them certain liberties that they’ll gladly take now and again. It’s fair to say that the motel’s current owner isn’t about to allow people to abuse the property in any way since it is a fun spot for fans to come and witness considering that it’s real and is now a part of cinematic history. But the next owner is likely going to have to put up with the fact that people will keep coming and will be just as picture-happy as ever. While this isn’t a huge negative, especially for a motel that thrives on people learning more about its services, it can be kind of a downer for a private home that was once featured in a movie. What fans need to realize is that while the novelty of being able to see these places in real life is great, these are also peoples’ homes, their livelihood, or spots that aren’t going to be able to remain as pristine as they appeared in a movie if people continue to tread upon them and abuse them in various ways, whether people understand what they’re doing or not. One of the upsides of being a fan and finding out that you can visit a spot you’ve seen in a show is that you get to say you’ve been there, seen it, and have that experience for the rest of your life. The downside is that those that are willing to ruin it for everyone else so long as they get their experience are always bound to be out there since for one reason or another they can appear to help themselves.

But with the Rosebud Motel, it feels likely that the place will be kept in pretty good condition for some time to come since it’s been kept up quite nicely throughout the show and the owner has been kept very happy with the respect that’s been given to the establishment. One can just imagine how much the motel is going to go for, but for whoever manages to purchase the place it’s easy to imagine that they’ll find it worth the money, at least if they can make it back through the guests and possibly through tourists trying to pay for the experience of being there. The interior sounds nice and the fact that it has a three-bedroom living area is even better. On the outside, it looks like one of the many quaint motels that a person might find when just passing through a place like Schitt’s Creek, with just enough charm to remind a lot of people of their younger years, when the experience of staying in a motel was more or less like being at home. Does anyone remember those days? Places like the Rosebud still exist, but in an era when everyone needs wifi, TV’s are expected to be a flat-screen with Netflix and other streaming options, the old school motel feeling is just about gone, especially since a lot of the older ones have either fallen on hard times and closed up, or have upgraded and done away with the old school feeling that was provided by a box TV, a Gideon bible in the drawer, and a room that felt cozy but still strange enough that people might not want to stay for more than a night.

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