The Reason Why The 9 To 5 Reboot Just Got Canceled

9 to 5

If anyone was actually getting excited for the 9 to 5 reboot then you might need to cool your jets for a moment since the trio of Parton, Fonda, and Tomlin have decided to hold off on this project for a while it would seem as the decision has instead become to do something else that might work a little better. According to what Joey Nolfi of Entertainment Weekly has said it’s more or less because they couldn’t find a way to make the next movie any different from the first one, which seems to indicate that saner heads finally prevailed when it came to a reboot. The idea of having a younger trio of women seek out the original actors from the first movie after suffering through the same type of harassment was the initial idea, and it seemed to be perfect for this era, though as one can imagine it would likely have a very feminist lean to it that might make a lot of eyes roll. Yet that seems to be the trick these days, to push the agenda in a way that allows people to be ‘woke’ as they realize how they’ve been living and why they can’t agree with it any longer. As I said, saner heads prevailed thankfully and the movie is being kept on hold at the moment.

All in all the story was pretty entertaining since the boss was absolutely horrible and represented one of the worst examples of men that exists in the world today, but the downside of this is that people take such things around the bend a few times and ascribe the same feelings to their everyday lives when in truth a lot of folks champion these causes when there’s no need. It’s very true that there are despicable men out there, but painting every woman as a victim isn’t just a dangerous proposition, it’s annoying cliche since it’s a thing of the past when women couldn’t speak out in the workplace. Thanks to the movies that came decades before and the idea that women did indeed have a voice and needed to use it, society has changed quite a bit in the years since. Unfortunately it’s also spilled over into the kind of nonsense that we see in the movies these days alongside the empowering and important moments that are truly enjoyable. This movie was one of the many that was actually hilarious and did show a truly justified moment of payback when the three women got together and decided what they would do to their pig of a boss. Nikki Baughan of BFI has more to say on this subject.

As Michael O’Connell of The Hollywood Reporter wrote a while back however the downside of this movie and bringing it to this current era was commented on by Fonda who stated that guys were actually afraid of committing sexual harassment in the workplace any longer. Can we file that under ‘duh’? The truth isn’t just that guys are afraid to commit sexual harassment, as this isn’t a desirable act coming from anyone, but that they’ll be accused of harassment for almost anything they say or do since it’s been seen that some people, other men and women, are willing to take the harassment charges to extremes that are beyond ridiculous and border on the insane before diving in without checking to see how deep the water really is. Seriously, some women, and yes men too, will call out men if they even hint at anything that might be sexual or ‘wrong’ in nature to their ears and eyes. These days even making a joke within earshot of the wrong person might be deemed as harassment, and as we’ve seen with some individuals this is usually enough to light a torch and sharpen a pitchfork since the MeToo movement has made it okay for men to be ridiculed and targeted for saying the wrong thing or indicating that their thought processes are anything but what some believe they should be.

Thankfully the movie is a fun bit of satire as well as commentary on sexual harassment in the workplace, and it works on a level that states just how unacceptable it is, since no man in their right mind is going to think that harassing a woman is worth the grief or trouble that comes with it, either because they don’t want the lawsuit or because they’re actual, decent human beings. Oh yes, there are plenty of men out there that are still kind and polite enough to see a woman as a meaningful and powerful individual, if those that love to cry ‘harassment’ would open their eyes occasionally. All in all this movie, the original, was quite funny and the reboot, or sequel, whatever you want to call it, might have been something just as funny, but until the ladies can find a project they want to pursue then it’s likely we won’t see this one develop fully.

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