The Reason Tom Payne Asked to Be Killed off The Walking Dead

The Reason Tom Payne Asked to Be Killed off The Walking Dead

The Reason Tom Payne Asked to Be Killed off The Walking Dead

It’s strange to hear anyone on The Walking Dead state that not enough people were being killed off at one point, but this is how Tom Payne, aka Jesus, felt at one point since it was determined that the show was filling up with too many characters after the war with the Saviors, and it was determined that someone would have to go. Tom even said that it would be okay if his character was killed off so long as it was the type of death that made sense and was in line with his character, meaning it wasn’t just some dumb coincidence or run of bad luck. Well, he got his wish, and while he wasn’t expecting what came when he read it, he was still happy with the decision that was made since Jesus had to go and he was on board with what had to happen. The death of Jesus was still a shock to a lot of fans though since it wasn’t something that people were ready to accept since his fighting skills were great enough that a walker couldn’t have taken him down, but a Whisperer posing as a walker would do the trick since Jesus wouldn’t have seen it coming and would have thought that he was dispatching walkers, as usual, meaning he didn’t have to worry about one of them attacking with anything but teeth and grasping fingers. When the Whispererers came into play though it was understood that things were going to change yet again in a way that was even more dangerous than it had been with the Saviors.

But asking for his character to be killed was something that made it sound as though Tom was ready to check out anyway unless a great storyline came across. And to be fair, Jesus’ martial skills were still a pretty unfair advantage against the Whisperers since if he’d made the connection it’s very likely that he would have come up with a way to tell the difference from afar and turn the tide in a manner that would have affected the story in a big way. But of course, someone would have done what they could to right the ship again, meaning that there might not have been a reason to get rid of Jesus. It happened though, and things have moved on, and more people have been lost as the Whisperer’s War finally came to a close as first Alpha was killed off and then Beta finally felt the last embrace of the dead. The event was a rather crazy one within the world of TWD though since it was far worse than an enemy that can be seen. What the survivors are dealing with now though appears to be soldiers with high-powered weapons that are skilled at disappearing into the terrain until they need to reveal themselves. It’s fair to wonder what would have happened if Jesus had stuck around if he’d still be able to deal with the issues that are now facing the survivors, but it’s also fair to think that he would be at odds just as much as anyone. Plus, despite his name, there needs to be no confusion about the fact that he is dead and gone, and bringing him back wouldn’t be a great idea.

The final season of TWD is coming up and a lot of fans are actually looking forward to seeing the series conclude finally, as over the years it’s been kind of obvious that the fanbase has been losing faith in the show with each season. There are a lot of factors that have contributed to this without any doubt, but those that stuck it out and have been watching every episode are no doubt ready to see what will finally happen to the survivors and who will make it through to the end. Every single person that has been a part of TWD, and there are few originals left, has put in a tremendous effort to make the show work and it’s commendable that the cast, the crew, and the fans have all stuck together for so long. But the ending is coming, and even if there’s a movie or two coming, and other spinoffs might be in the works, the sun is setting on TWD in a big way, and a lot of people have already made it known that they’re ready to see it end, while others are hoping that the final season will blow their hair back in a way that hasn’t happened in a while. Maybe it will happen, maybe not, but the show has been around long enough to have earned a great deal of respect for what it’s done and what it’s accomplished. Tom Payne might have wanted out before he absolutely had to say goodbye, but it sounds more like he was trying to help the show move forward.

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