The Reason Dolly Parton Never Steps out Without Makeup

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When it comes to makeup I would normally say that guys don’t tend to worry about this all that much. But with things being the way they are in this day and age that might actually offend someone. Oh well. When talking about country star and actress Dolly Parton though and her makeup the reason why she’s never seen without it is exceedingly simple, she doesn’t WANT to be seen without makeup. If that sounds a tad superficial and even less than inspiring then you’re right, but at the same time it’s a personal choice that is hard to rail against since Dolly has been around so long that saying anything against her might make a person sound a little petty and convince others that they don’t know what they’re talking about. In fact, as per Samantha Faragalli Younghans of Distractify, Dolly has even said this:

“Lord I could never get away with that!” she said of going bare-faced. “No, I couldn’t do that! I even wear makeup and fix my hair when I’m living in LA because of the earthquakes.”

Some might call it a confidence thing, others her just being vain, but all in all it would seem that Dolly wants to look her best at all times and people can say what they want, but it’s how Dolly rolls. There are those that state that she’s a natural beauty that has no need for all the enhancements, but she still tends to disagree with this since she happens to like getting her makeup on and doing her hair the way she likes it. At this point in her life it has become a part of who she is and a means of making herself feel good, so saying anything against it isn’t really going to bother her all that much since it’s her own personal ritual and impressively she can get it all done in about 15 minutes. There are plenty of guys out there that would be highly impressed if their spouses, girlfriends, or any women in their lives could do the same really since let’s face it and be honest on this matter, some women do take a long time getting their makeup on for one reason or another.

Most people are used to seeing Dolly in full makeup however and as she’s admitted she sleep in it just in case she has to get up in the middle of the night for one reason or another. She does clean it all off in the morning and do it again, which might sound like an odd ritual to some folks but is just her thing. After a career that’s spanned for decades and endured all manner of criticism and triumph, Dolly has earned the right to do pretty much whatever she wants when it comes to her own personal habits, and while some people might knock it, there are many others that would support and seek to understand her need to be in full makeup before going out in public.

It’s very true that some people can’t stand to lose the image that they’ve developed over so many years, and that could be a part of it at least since people have become used to seeing Dolly all done up and presentable on screen and in public. Being in her 70s hasn’t done much to dim her looks, though she has gotten older with each passing year when it comes to her overall appearance. It happens to everyone at some point, and some folks do manage to age a little better than others. For a long time Dolly Parton looked as though she wasn’t going to age hardly at all, but as it happens as we get older, people around us tend to develop more lines, more wrinkles, and Father Time does his work a little too well. Hell, a lot of us can remember when a good number of actors looked like fresh-faced kids just starting out, which was true because some of them were, but nowadays we’re all seeing grey hair and wrinkles where none used to exist.

That’s how the aging game goes without any exception though, and while some people embrace the wrinkles and grey hair and everything that goes with it some folks try to keep up the illusion that things are just the way that people remember them. Of course no one is foolish enough to try and compare Dolly from way back when to now, at least not unless they’re looking at how far she’s come and how much time has managed to change her. Her makeup ritual is her own little thing to keep and something that helps her get by each day and night, so it’s nothing to sneer at and instead something that people can just accept as is.

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