The Reason BoJack Horseman Ended the Way it Did

Bojack Horseman

Fans should be glad all the signs that pointed to Bojack Horseman’s death were misleading at the end since once the final credits started to roll he was still alive. He was still alone, but he was also still alive, despite any signs to the contrary that the show might end with him finally biting the dust. The ending though is enough to get a lot of people wondering just what might come next in his life and why it had to go out on a note that was a little too familiar in the life of the faded star. For one reason or another Bojack pushed people away throughout the series and was constantly alone, either by design or by accident, or both. The whole idea of the final talk with the former love of his life was to offer some sort of closure to the character and make it appear that things weren’t as down in the dumps as they could get and that there might be some shred of hope for Bojack. Other than that, the creator really didn’t want people rushing to conclusions and thinking that the character is open to the wrong interpretation that might be spread by his own words that people would take as scripture. This has happened way too much in pop culture when someone of authority on the character, or story, has spoken out and people tend to think that their word is law or that their words mean little to nothing based on the fan’s perspective. It’s a messy business, fiction, and sometimes people can go off on a tangent with their own ideas that are based entirely on the ideas they’ve seen on screen.

Despite what was seen as obvious signs that Bojack might kick the bucket, this was an idea that was never up for any serious consideration since there was little point to it other than to highlight the sadness in his life, and even that appeared to be kind of over the top when it came to this character. The ability to speak with Diane one last time was a nice nod that allowed the character to finally end his own show not exactly on a high note, but with some dignity and the ability to end it without leaving too many loose ends. When a show comes to its endpoint a lot of people are often taken aback no matter if they knew it was coming or not. No one wants to believe that their favorite show is ending, even if it’s well past time for it to do so. With a show such as Bojack Horseman though it’s fairly easy to see that letting it go at some point was going to have to be necessary since the character arc was only bound to go so far and the story, while it could be reconditioned to keep going in some manner, might not be the same after a while since the material needed would have to continue Bojack’s story in a way that might eventually become a bit too repetitive and not engaging enough for the audience.

This is the problem with many series though since at one point or another they start to repeat themselves and do the same thing over and over. Coming up with new ideas that haven’t been seen hundreds of times in a decade for each individual show is more difficult than many people might think. It’s possible, but it’s also obvious that in Hollywood this isn’t the common practice any longer since too many people want to keep going to the well so to speak in an attempt to bring back old ideas and gimmicks that worked in their own good time but are seen as kind of stale and less than effective now. Bojack Horseman ran his course to put it lightly, and it’s time for him to disappear for a while. Those that are hoping that he might be brought back one day are bound to be rewarded since the truth of it is that nostalgia has had a big part in bringing back some of the older ideas from decades past, so it’s not too unrealistic to state that one day within the next five to ten years that we’ll be seeing him again. Folks are so up on bringing back various characters and shows that there’s usually someone listening that can put something in motion. Whether or not it’s a good idea is something that people have to figure out the hard way since some shows and movies do quite well, but others tank so hard one might have thought that the producer could see it coming from a few episodes away. If Bojack Horseman ever comes back one can bet that there will need to be a few changes, but not many.

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